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January 2022 Newsletter

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This Friday, January 28 is the final day of the 2nd quarter. Monday, January 31 is a teacher workday for planning and report cards. Tuesday, February 1 is a student and staff holiday. Report cards will be available in parent vue on Tuesday, February 8.

We will have our 20th annual Souperbowl Food Drive from February 1 to February 11. Please see our spirit week flyer and Souperbowl food drive flyer.

Spirit Week Flyer

Souperbowl XX Flyer

We have our monthly PTA meeting on Tuesday, February 8 at 7:00. Please join us for this virtual meeting.



  • Grades K-2 learned about unusual animal friendships depicted in fiction and nonfiction books. We read the Virginia’s Readers’ Choice nominated book This Way Charlie, which was inspired by the real life friendship between a horse and a goat. We had discussions about the importance of accepting differences.
  • Grades 3-5 learned about being proud of our identity. We read the Virginia’s Readers’ Choice nominated book The Proudest Blue, about a girl who wears a hijab to school for the first time. We learned about the author, who is an Olympic medalist in fencing, and made history as the first Muslim woman to represent the US at the Olympics wearing a hijab.


Many 2nd-5th grade students have signed up for our in person trial run of Chat n Chew in February and have received their library book to read. If your child wants to participate, you can still sign-up here:

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Jones at

2nd grade - Feb 15th 11:14-11:44 am

3rd grade - Feb 3rd 11:46-12:16 pm

4th grade - Feb 8th 12:50-1:20 pm

5th grade - Feb 22nd 12:18-12:48 pm


Our original in-person Reading Under the Stars date in January has been moved to February 17th from 6:30-7:30 pm due to safety concerns. Algonkian students will be able to sign-up ahead of time to visit 2-3 staff members who will read a story. More details will be sent out soon.


The Algonkian library is happy to accept book donations from families as long as they are hardcover books in new to very good condition AND a fit for our collection. Please contact Mrs. Whitehouse to make arrangements if you have books you would like to donate.


Occasionally checked out library books go missing. We normally don’t send fine notices until the end of the year, but there are some students who have not been able to check-out during library class because of books still on their account since September and October. If you are unable to locate the book (or they are damaged beyond repair), you can use our convenient online school payment system (OSP) to pay for a replacement. Watch this video on how to use OSP here: E-mail Mrs. Whitehouse at or Mrs. Spritzer at for the cost associated with your lost book.


If you are interested in giving your student permission to check-out playaways during library, click here for more information and the permission form:

Feel free to email Mrs. Whitehouse with any questions:



Hello Bobcat Artists!!!

I hope that you all are doing well and having an ARTASTIC Month!

This month students will be creating a variety of projects inspired by artists from diverse backgrounds.

Kindergarten- Museum Hunt Art Critique and Snowed In Origami

1st Grade- Museum Hunt Art Critique and Origami Mansions

2nd Grade- Museum Hunt Art Critique and Weather Machines

3rd Grade- Quilted Ghost and Museum Hunt Art Critique

4th Grade- Graffiti Money and Museum Hunt Art Critique

5th Grade- Keyhole Perspective and Museum Hunt Art Critique

Art Supplies: students will be bringing their supply boxes with them to Art and will need the standard school supplies: pencil, eraser, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, and glue. We understand if your students need Art Supply assistance, if you do, please email Ms. Michael, Ms. Ryan, or Ms. Hansen the Parent Liaison.

If you have questions, please contact me at


January Music Newsletter

What is going on in the music room?

In Kindergarten students have been singing songs, doing fingerplays, and playing movement games that utilize their counting skills and identifying change. This month we will be continuing some wintery/snowy activities that include singing, movement, playing instruments, and dramatization of a story.

In 1st Grade students have been working on the difference between steady beat and rhythm. We will continue working with quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rest rhythms for the remainder of the month. They will also be working on sol-mi songs and movement concepts including statues (freezing) and improvisation with an instrument.

In 2nd Grade students will work on Valentine’s Day activities including singing, movement, and rhythm. They are going to be working on sol-la-mi-re solfege, half note rhythms, singing games, and movement concepts the rest of the month.

In 3rd Grade students will a variety of note values. Students will sing seasonal songs using expression and articulation. Students will continue to learn dynamics in music. Students will continue practicing naming notes on the music staff.

In 4th Grade students have been working hard on learning note values and naming notes on the music staff. They will be applying their knowledge of reading music by performing on barred instruments.

In 5th Grade students will continue to learn and discuss the middle school music choices and make their final choice by mid-February. The students will continue to identify name notes on the treble clef, note values, explore a variety of rhythms and compositions on barred instruments as an ensemble.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s music teacher, either or

Health Clinic Specialist

Health Clinic Updates

February is American Heart Month in the United States, with February 4, 2022 set aside as National Wear Red Day to raise awareness of heart disease.

Tips for a Healthy Heart:

· Know your numbers - maintain a healthy weight, blood pressure and total cholesterol

· Be active - American Heart Association recommends five 30-minute moderate exercise (heart pumping) sessions each week

· Build some muscle - strength training tones muscles and burns fat

· Eat smart – eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

· Limit junk - limit intake of nutrient-poor junk foods

· Stress less - stress increases cortisol, which leads to weight gain, a key risk factor for heart disease

· Sleep more - sleep restores the body, helps decrease stress and increases overall happiness

· Smile - a happy heart is a healthy heart

If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Parent Liaison - Ms. Hansen

Hello Bobcat Families! I hope you’re staying warm on these cold winter days. If your child is in need of a winter coat, hat or gloves, please contact me at I keep several on hand and we want to keep our kiddos warm during these frigid temps!

Also, if your child is missing their hat or gloves, please have them check the lost in found located in my office, across from the Health Clinic.

The Loudoun Literacy Council is offering FREE ESL classes for Spring 2022. Classes run February 7-April 29, 2022. These classes are open to all adults, 18 and over, in Loudoun County. Classes are free and books will be provided. Online registration is required for all classes;

Beginning January 26-March 16, 2022 SCAN of Northern Virginia is offering a Nuturing Parenting Program where you can virtually join other parents and share in parenting insights, successes and challenges. You’ll learn how to help build your child’s self-esteem, how to set effective family rules and much more. This FREE virtual community series is led by an experienced Parenting Coach. To register, contact or

If you are ever in need of additional resources for your child or family, please reach out to me at anytime!


Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades:

All grade levels participated in Bowling lessons that involved three, six, and ten pins.

The following objectives were emphasized:

  • Proper grip
  • Stepping with opposition
  • Proper force
  • Focus on striking stationary objects
  • Cooperation and turn taking
  • Scoring strikes and spares

Currently and future PE lessons include:

Kindergarten through Third grades:

  • Parachute activities

Fourth and Fifth Grades include:

  • Winter games unit- Throwing, dodging, catching and strategizing.

Have a great month!



SEARCH classes have focused on using creative thinking skills and logic and reasoning. Kindergarten students watched a cute SuperGrover 2.0 video in which SuperGrover tries to help a cow get down the stairs from the beauty parlor. He uses his powers of observation, investigation, and technology to solve the problem. Each student received a picture of a simple problem and drew one way they could solve the problem despite their lack of superpowers! Their next lesson will be a creative response to the book, The Greedy Triangle. First and second graders applied logic and reasoning in a Sudoku-like activity called Snowman Shuffle. They had to place one of each shape, and one shape of each color in every row and column of a grid. Successively larger grids increased the challenge. First and second graders will apply creative thinking in response to the books The Missing Mitten Mystery and …Ish in upcoming lessons. Third graders continued the talent development lessons. The newest lesson involved looking at an unusual technological gadget and trying to determine its purpose and how it works. A math challenge is next for third grade.

EDGE groups have focused on logic and reasoning. We have worked on logic puzzles, Dot Designs, and math challenges. Fourth and fifth grade students applied reasoning to verbal challenges. This involved developing definitions for words or looking at words that had multiple meanings. Students applied reasoning skills and creative problem solving to the Smart Brain games of Airport, Go Getter, North Pole Camouflage, and the IQ Fit and Blox games.

FUTURA Fusion classes are developing their understanding of leaders who work from the “Human Resource” frame. These leaders focus on building relationships within their organization. There is a strong concern for the needs of the members of their organization. Human resource leaders tend to get to know their members, recognize their strengths and skills, and utilize the knowledge to build the organization. Students will research Clara Barton and Amelia Earhart. The research into the life and accomplishments of these women will apply to discussions about risk-taking in life and as leaders. The class has begun to explore two new leadership projects as a way to demonstrate what they are learning about being a leader!

Bobcat families, please continue to support the FUTURA Fusion class’ collection of soda pop-tabs to support the mission of Ronald McDonald House! The FUTURA Fusion class will continue to collect the tabs once each month, so please keep saving them and sending them in! The need at Fairfax INOVA Hospital sadly never stops, so we shouldn’t stop either! Do you think we can fill the aquarium again?

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