Ms. Jennings's 1st Grade Newsflash

December 14, 2015

Upcoming Events

  • December 22--Early Release
  • December 23-January 4--Winter Break. Classes resume January 5.
  • January 18--No School
  • February 12--Early Release
  • February 15--No School

Weekly Tidbits...

Important UPDATES:

FIELD TRIP!!!!! **********

Our field trip to Coterie Theater to see Charlie Brown Christmas was fantastic!!! The performance was so cute and the kiddos were so well-behaved! I am one VERY proud teacher!!!!

PANCAKE BREAKFAST/POLAR EXPRESS DAY--1st Grade teachers will be treating first grade students to a homemade pancake breakfast on Monday, December 22. I will provide everything to make the pancakes and sausage, but I would really appreciate donations of juice!!!!! If you are able to send in orange juice, apple juice or grape juice, please send me an email. THANKS!!!

Recess: Unless the temperature is below freezing, we will go outside for recess. I am a firm believer in fresh air and movement, so I try and get the kiddos outside as much as possible. Please make sure your child has their winter coat with them every day. There was a pretty chilly day last week and we had several kiddos with hoodies or no coat on. If you need a coat for your child, please email me and let me know. I have several coats at home.

Student Teacher--I am so excited to announce that Mr. Hunter Hickey will be student teaching in our classroom beginning the end of January. I met with him last week and he is so excited to be working with our 1st graders! It will be an awesome semester having two teachers team teaching!!!!

What's Been Going On This Week...

  • Reading--We are finishing up our last bit of 2nd Quarter testing. The kiddos have been working very hard and are doing very well. Please, please, please encourage your child to read at home every night for at least 20 minutes. Also, do not take a break from reading over Winter Break!!!

  • Phonics/Sight Words For the remainder of the semester, we are going to be focusing on digraphs ch, sh, th, and wh.

    Words that we will be learning to spell are: chat, rich, ship, fish, thin, thank, whale and which,. As you practice writing these words, don't focus on memorizing the letters. Focus on stretching each word out, like a piece of bubble gum, and writing the sounds that they hear.

  • Sight words: Fort Osage uses the Fry Sight Word Lists. You should have received your child's sight words either in the planners or in their black folders. The goal for all first graders is to know all 100 of the first 100 sight words. Many students already know their first 100 and are working on harder lists. Some students are still working on learning their first 100 sight words. Please look over the lists and especially practice the words that are highlighted in blue. I'll be rechecking their progress in a few weeks.

  • Math--For the remainder of this week and next, we are reinforcing math skills through games and activities.

  • Writer's Workshop--Last week, students wrote snowman/woman stories about their snowman practicing the 7 Habits. I must say, there are some creative writers in 1st grade! This week, we are writing a narrative story to add to our collection of Narrative writing pieces.

  • Leader in Me--Our December focus is Habit 3...Put first things first. You can help your child develop this skill by reminding them that it is always important to get their work done first, then play.

Specials~December 14 to 18 and December 21 and 22

  • Monday, December 14--PE/Music

  • Tuesday, December 15--Art

  • Wednesday, December 16--Music/PE

  • Thursday, December 17--Library

  • Friday, December 18--PE/Music

  • Monday, December 21--Art

  • Tuesday, December 22--Early Release DEAL Specials Rotation...TBA