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April 2016 Volume 1, Issue 4

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Connecting Teachers and Learners (CTL)

We are working to flip the learning environment through video blogs, student artifacts, lesson plans, and helpful tools for teachers while focusing on the content. It is our goal to provide teachers with a road map, giving them step by step directions on how to effectively impact student learning in this digital era.

Hands-on Activities and Other Resources on Air Quality and Climate Change for Teachers

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Spotlight: Bruce Boller Bertie Early College High School

Bruce Boller currently teaches at Bertie Early College High School, he is currently teaching biology and biotechnology. He has taught every science course with the exception of physics during his teaching career. He has a Masters in Science Education degree. In his almost non-existent spare time, he enjoys cycling, fishing, nature and reading science books. Bruce is married to a 5th grade teacher and they have two grown sons, Aaron and Ethan.

Through a partnership with Dr. Matt Koci, Associate Professor at NC State, and support from the NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Wynne Innovation Fund and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund's Student Science Enrichment Program, the students at BECHS will learn how to clone, express, purify and validate recombinant proteins to be used in Dr. Koci's research laboratory. The goal of this project is to establish a mini-biotech company, Falcon Biomanufacturing, in their biotechnology classroom.

2014 Outstanding 9-16 Teacher of the Year - Bruce Boller

Mr Boller"s Class

As part of this program, the BECHS biotechnology students went to NC State for an intensive 5 days short course on biotechnology and protein expression. While at NC State the students were introduced to the scientific tools and techniques that will be the core of their biotech company. The students got the chance to visit biotech companies in the Research Triangle Park (NC) area, interact with scientists, and learn about the different industries that use biotechnology .

"At the end of this process, Mr. Boller expects to have a student directed, sustainable model for authentic biotechnology education at the high school and early college level that can then be replicated in other tier 1 communities across NC and the nation." This will ensure everyone can participate in STEM careers and compete for the high-skilled jobs of the 21st century regardless of where they live. Furthermore, society benefits by having the most diverse talent pool possible.

Hot Tec Tip

Richard Byrne from FreeTech4Teachers

Dotstorming is a free teacher tool (students don't need accounts) that is a combo of Padlet and a polleverywhere tool. Use the space to add "post-it notes" like Padlet where students can brainstorm ideas or answers to something. Students can vote on the notes and you can organize the notes by votes they have received. Share the "wall" like Padlet, with a unique link to students.
Dotstorming for Brainstorming

Tech Tool Picture Show

We want your pictures! When you use GooseChase, Thinglink or Dotstorming in your class.....add your pictures in the comments section letting us know how you use the tool and how the activity impacted student learning. Remember the tool is free and we love free.