Ma Rainey

By: Dweice Kirk


Gertrude Pridgett was born on April 26th 1886 to Thomas Pridgett Sr. and Ellen Allen-Pridgett in Columbus,Georgia.In a family full of singers.In the 1900,she started singing on stage at age 14 at local talent show.On February 2,1904 ,She got married to William “Pa” Rainey who was a comdey songster.They became “Ma and Pa” Rainey touring southern tents and cabarets.By 1905 ,She signed a contract with Paramount Records . While touring with Moses Stokes troupe in 1912 , she met Bessie Smith, the newly recruited dancer.Ma Rainey was the first popular stage entertainer to add authentic blues to her song. She was known as the first great female blues artist.Her music inspired poets like Langston Hughes and Sterling Brown.She performed throughout 3 decades of the 20th centuries.She died December 22,1939 in Rome, Georgia.She is remembered in the Grammy Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.She is great remembered as the “Mother of Blues”.
Ma Rainey - Mini Bio


1. What had the most impact on Ma Rainey"s life?

2. What was her goal in life?


She talked about the southern life and the thing that were going on in her song, made on impact on the poems by Langston hughes and Sterling Brown and making blues known.