8th Grade POWER

The POWER LIbrary + EBSCOhost = High School-Ready Research!

What is EBSCO and what do I need to remember?

The name EBSCO comes from the Elton B. Stephens Company, but you don't have to remember that. You simply need to know that it is a powerhouse of information. As a good host, EBSCOhost brings you only the best results for your research in the shortest amount of time possible. The articles are scholarly, researched and professionally published. This is a database, not a search engine, though it is web-based. Through your school or public libraries it is FREE!

What is a database? Why is it important to me?

  • The Train Station: The background train station is metaphorically The Web. Anyone/anything can pass through it anytime with individual agendas or opinions.
  • The Train: This train is metaphorically a database. It is contained and you need authorization to be included in its "ride." It will reliably get you to your destination (or as close as you can possibly come on such a vehicle) if you plan your route well.
  • Expert/Peer Recommendations: Those responsible for the train's creation and functionality are experts and trained professionals, and they are the only ones allowed to alter its structure or contents. Granted access, you may ride the self-contained train following your own plan. You may ask the recommendation of those gone before you. You may also ask the conductor (the expert) to approve your stops, ensuring approved and safe stations for your use.
  • Ergo: The Database: A database functions just like that as you enter The Web and execute a search for information. It will guide you securely and give you quality results in your research. Its credibility has a price, but it is one that is absorbed by your educational institutions through which you make arrangements for access (library cards, taxes, tuition, etc.).
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Introduction to EBSCOhost - Tutorial

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EBSCOhost Student/Parent Tutorial Session: WWMS Open House

Monday, Sep. 22nd, 6pm

The Literary & Information Center, Western Wayne Middle School

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