Formative Assessment Remixed

Trainer Edition

Meet Tracy

* Who am I?

* Who are you?

* Learning Outcome: Understand and harness the power of using the iPad for creating engaging learning opportunities and challenge preconceived notions of what formative assessment looks like.

Session Essential Questions

1. How can educators use technology to make student thinking "visible"?

2. How can educators encourage high levels of cognitive response in classroom activities and projects?

3. What is the role of classroom culture in developing students who become responsible for their own thinking and learning?

Research Framework

Learning and Creating with iPads in Kindergarten

Apps, Web Apps, & Application

* Screen of ubiquitous apps-We won't get through all of these today, but I wanted to share so you can explore more following the session.

* 4 Cs: Consumption, Curation, Creation, Connection


Great For: basic editing, cropping, labeling, highlighting, blurring (think kid's faces or personal info, license plate). Student Project Example: Learned Behavior vs. Inherited Traits (story from in-class coaching)


Inherited Traits vs. Learned Behaviors

Create a Skitch with your picture. Label characteristics you believe are inherited traits and list learned behaviors you exhibit. Be prepared to present to your partner and group.


Great For: Making collages of it sounds. Nice variety of templates & very simple to use. Student Example: (My example really... Tucker & the Log) Photo Story


Play with Piccollage

Create a group of 3: Brainstorm and create a photo story to demonstrate your dream summer. Explore the types of photos you can import. Be prepared to share!


Great For: Making graphic organizers and thinking maps. Very simple to use and includes potential for collaboration.

Example: Food chain Second Example: Use as student resource for outlining ideas/brainstorming


Play with Popplet

Individual or pair activity: What skills, competencies, and characteristics should a highschool graduate possess? Brainstorm with Popplet. Take a screenshot when you are finished.


Great for: Student or teacher creates visual (drawing, graphic, etc.) then add an additional layer of information via weblink, audio, video, note, etc. Example: Spanish fruits


App vs. Web App discussion

Group Activity: Modeled with group

Time to play

Discuss integration into curriculum


Great for: Recording sound and producing a link

-Discuss-Link to ThingLink

Tube Chop

For slicing and dicing videos (You Tube)


Interactive Video creation tool

Now, where to?

Alan November


Stand on our shoulders

Culture is Contagious...

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

A parting gift...

Tracy Clark M.S.

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