Ms. Billings

By: Sarah Chandler, Meghan Ramey, Taylor Fendley & Sharlie W

A Hard Job

Mountains of paperwork, many misbehaving students, and ongoing class periods; these are just a few things that a Glenview Middle School teacher has to deal with on a daily basis. Yet, it is hard to find a teacher that does his or her job so well and also enjoys it as much as Danielle Billings. Ms. Billings is a teacher that has touched the lives of many students, and she is a teacher that you will always remember as a role model.

A Look Into Her Life

Ms. Billings is amazing at her current career as a 7th grade writing teacher. She has worked at Glenview Middle School for four years. She graduated from Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. She has had many jobs having to do with education, such as a teacher to juvenile inmates at a prison, a substitute teacher, an elementary school teacher, and a 6th grade writing teacher. The good majority of her students enjoy the way she teaches and look up to her. One of Ms.Billings’ former and current students, Ashleigh Cox, said , “She is very devoted to her students, and she takes the time to make sure everyone understands the content. She is the best at what she does." Ms. Billings spends her average chaotic school day dealing with everyday problems such as constant paperwork and kids everywhere, but there's good things that come with being a teacher as well. Danielle's personally cherished part about her job is being able to work in an environment with kids all day. The only downsides, in her opinion, are that ,unfortunately, there are times where she has to deal with behavior problems that some of her students have.

Future Aspirations

Danielle does not only have to care for kids at school all day, but she also has to care for her six year old child, Destin, at home. She also has two other children named Jonathan ,25, and Jessilyn ,21. Danielle likes to many things outside of school. In her free time, she enjoys reading,writing, shopping, making jewelry, going to the beach, and enjoying time with Destin. Her future aspirations include writing books. Danielle Billings is currently working on her own book called Color "Coated" Writing. Her book is about using color coating to help students learn better and quicker. She is also trying to publish her novel that at the moment is untitled. We all know that the books will be great considering how great of a teacher she is. She has received the interest of a publisher.

It is easy to see that Ms.Billings is a wonderful mother, friend, and teacher. All most everyone that she comes in contact with likes her. Ms. Billings is going to be one of the memorable teachers because she taught us something that we will need to know to get into college and to get a good job. Ms. Billings taught us how to write properly so that we could use our knowledge to brighten someones day, to succeed in school, to persuade someone, and many other things.