by toriwilliams

what are wetlands?

wetlands are parts of land that are very saturated with water.

types of wetlands are: swamps, bogs, marshes, and fens.

swamps are wetlands that have a lot of trees.

bogs are very thick muddy places and have peat, and lots of smaller trees

marshes are found near lakes or rivers and have a lot of weeds growing there.

fens are a lot like bogs but they have a lot of minerals, good soil, and mostly weeds.

wetland animals!

wetlands are great homes to many animals.

these animals include : moose, frogs, insects, and a lot more!

animals live here because they need a water source, such as amphibians.

wetland destruction.

wetlands are being destroyed and its because of us.

people are building on top of wetlands to make houses,stores, large buisnesses, ect.

and this is killing wetlands and the creatures that live there.

people are also using wetlands water to drink and that is draining the water from wetlands.

we can fix it!

we can fix these problems by, finding new land to build on, like on open land and not on our wetlands.

we can also start getting our water from fresh water sources, like rivers and creeks, instead of our wetlands!

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