Island of the Blue Dolphins

Scott O'Dell

Aileene Rey

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plot outline

Exposition:setting ocean characters:isaac,dorsa,clare,gillian,felicity,eric,cherie,twinkle TE: aleut ship came to our island pg.1 rising action:The fisherman was alot of dolphins & put them on a can of tuna . TE:getting mad from the fisherman about killing dolphins pg.7 climax:The only girl saved the dolphins TE:she liked dolphins to be safe pg.7 fallingaction:The morning was fair with little wind yes it was the season of the year storm could be looked for the storm. TE:So she understood why the russian wished to move onto our island pg.7. Resolution:winter did not go to the reef at all but he dissapered and he died by a storm with big waves.TE:It was a winter of strong winds & rain & wild seas that crashed against the cliffs pg.161. MAN VS MAN :The man vs man so they were fighting about do not fish when there are dolphins you were just ruined my daugther's LIFE!!!!! THEME :I learned how many dolphins were killed each day & other things as well . TEXT:they were hunting in the water with many things to kill them & put them in tuna pg.11 . PROTAGONIST:Isaac was the good guy he saved the dolphins and the otter's ,he seperated the kelp from the island . ANTAGONIST:The fisherman was the meanest in the island the otter's were killed by him he said he wont stop until i catch more fishes than the world. 4 FACTS .Dolphins can jump as high as 20 feet out of the water. .A dolphin may be able to dive up to 2,000 feet. . female dolphins are called cows males are called bulls and young dolphins are called calves. .Dolphins are highly intelligent. The setting is more important than anything it describes alot of stuff it say's the sky blue the flowers blowing like roses and the water so shiny like a sun. MARCH, 18,1987
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