Jane Goodall

A British Primatologist, Ethologist and Anthropologist

About Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall was born on April 3, 1934 in London, England. She studied to become an Anthropologist, Ethologist, and Primatologist at three different universities in her lifetime. The University of Cambridge, Newhnam College, and Darwin College. She was first married to a Dutch, wildlife photographer with the name of Baron Hugo Van Lawick, March 28, 1964. Unfortunately they divorced ten years later in 1974. The following year she remarried to Derek Bryceson, a member of Tanzania's parliament and the director of the country's national parks. Sadly, Jane lost him in 1980 to cancer.

How Jane Goodall's Career Took Off

On April 7th, 1957 Jane Goodall traveled to Kenya by boat. She intended on sight seeing and learning about different cultures. There she met the famous anthropologist and paleontologist Dr. Louis S. B. Leakey. Dr. Leakey is impressed with Jane Goodall's knowledge on Africa and its wildlife to the extent that he hired her as his assistant.

Dr. Jane Goodall's Belief

"I could have learned a whole lot more about fossils and become a palaeontologist. But my childhood dream was as strong as ever–somehow I must find a way to watch free, wild animals living their own, undisturbed lives–I wanted to learn things that no one else knew, uncover secrets through patient observation.

'I wanted to come as close to talking to animals as I could."

Jane's Observances

November 4th, 1961.

Dr. Jane observes two chimpanzees creating tools to extract termites out of their mounds. This became one of Jane's most important discoveries. Until then only humans were thought to create tools. Upon Dr. Leakey hearing of Janes observation he stated "Now we must redefine tool, redefine Man, or accept chimpanzees as humans."

Jane Goodall: A Retrospective

What Awards has Jane Goodall Recieved Over the Years?

Dr. Jane Goodall, 79, has recieved numerous awards throughout her life. She has been awarded the Hubbard Medal, Benjamin Franklin Medal, Nierenberg Prize, and the William Procter Prize for Scientific Achievement.
Monkey business with Jane Goodall


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