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Big 6 May

3rd - 5th graders took the TRAILS test in the fall as a pretest of research skills. I would like to schedule the same TRAILS test as a post test so I can see how we are doing. I know, I know... another test. This only takes 15 - 20 minutes and is multiple choice. I can send you the link and students can do it as morning work, end of the day - we don't have to schedule a separate time to do it unless you want to ;0

Coding during WIN time

I am going to try and do some coding on the days testing is not scheduled. I will e-mail teachers the day/night before if coding is on for the next day. I have had a lot of students asking.

Digital Citizenship

There are a few classes in grades 3 - 5 that have not scheduled a Digital Citizenship lesson. This is really important and is actually required by law. Please see me to schedule. We can go all the way up to the last day of school if needed ;0

Primary / Secondary Sources

I would like to go over Primary and Secondary sources with a few more classes. This skill is RI 4.6 and RI 5.6 in Common Core.


I will be starting to work on next year's ordering. What do you need? What resources will help you teach? Please let me know what you want for both the library and the book closet and both print and digital resources. I want our collection to meet the recreational needs of our students and the instructional needs.

Book Fair

The book fair will be May 29 - June 5th. Stay tuned for flyers and more information. It is a Buy One Get One sale.


The last day to check out books for students will be May 28 due to the book fair. All books will be due June 5 to give me time to get them all back in.

Next Year???

I am open to early planning and scheduling for next year. If you are a long range planner then let's get together and make some plans ;0