mapping of the human brain

by ariel

methods of studying the human branin

scientist use many methods to study the human brain. they take pictures of healthy brains and unhealthy brains and compare them. they also look at brains of small mammals and compare them to ours

diffrent parts of the brain and what they do

Cerebrum is the largest portion of the brain and contains tools which are responsible for most of the brain's function this part of the brain has 4 other parts in it

1) Frontal Lobe is one of four lobes in the cerebral hemisphere this lobe controls a several elements including creative thought, problem solving, intellect, judgment, behavior, attention, abstract thinking, physical reactions, muscle movements, coordinated movements, smell and personality.

2) Parietal Lobe: this lobe focuses on comprehension. Visual functions, language, reading, internal stimuli, tactile sensation and sensory comprehension will be monitored here.

A) Motor Cortex helps the brain monitor and control movement throughout the body. It is located in the top, middle portion of the brain

B) Sensory Cortex is located in the front portion of the parietal lobe. receives information relayed from the spinal cord regarding the position of various body parts and how they are moving it can also be used to relay information from the sense of touch, including pain

3) Temporal Lobe controls visual and auditory memories. It includes areas that help manage some speech and hearing capabilities, behavioral elements, and language

a) Wernicke's Area is formed around the auditory cortex scientists have a limited understanding of the function of this area

b) Broca's Area controls the facial neurons as well as the understanding of speech and language

Cerebellum is commonly referred to as "the little brain." The cerebellum controls essential body functions such as balance, posture and coordination

Limbic System contains glands which help relay emotions

1) Amygdala helps the body responds to emotions, memories and fear

2) Hippocampus this part of the brain is used for learning and remembering

3) Hypothalamus this part of the brain controls your mood thirst and hunger

4) Thalamus this part of the brain is located in the center of the brain and helps control the attention span

Brain Stem all basic life forces originate in the brain stem it controls the heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing

1) Midbrain is made up of the tegmentum and tectum it helps with regulate body movement, vision and hearing

2) Pons this part of the brain links to the cerebellum to help with posture and movement

3) Medulla is an essential portion of the brain stem which maintains vital body functions such as the heart rate and breathing


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