Expectations and Rules of 6th Grade

By: Emerald Hamilton

Rules / Expectations

Follow All Directions at All Times

Respect Other People and Their Possessions

Bring Appropriate Materials to Class Everyday


You’re given lots of (home)work in Sixth Grade. You’re gonna get Quizlet’s. Which they aren’t very hard and you’ll probably find a way to get through them easily. I usually did them on Wednesday or did one on Wednesday and the rest on Thursday. In the end of the year I got them all done on Monday. They’re honestly not that hard. Really, your reading teacher just wants you to do something. So don’t try to fight it. Just keep your glossary open and copy and paste.

Article of the Week is always the most annoying. It does help though, and you do learn things in the process. If you’re given one for the week, usually we all did it on Tuesday night. Since ours were do Wednesday and we’re given a new one that Wednesday. Just do your best on it. Really, you shouldn’t mind it, they are annoying but kay. Just keep up with it and trust me you might want to finish it. Specially since I had sixties because of that. Just don’t worry about it until the week it’s due. It’s basically a 20 minute project. Also make sure you do Stop and Jot correctly.

Wordly Wise is another pain, the one thing I have with Reading Log on Sunday night at 9 o’clock. Don’t do what I did, like wait until the last minute to do something. I did that constantly and ended this year with bad grades. (for me but I was in the 95’s.) You must do your reading comprehension part because that’ll bring your grade down badly. Same as Quizlet, just keep the glossary open.

Now when it comes to novels, these are the worst for me personally. I’m one of those type of people that like to finish a book the moment they get it. We stopped at chapters and kept getting cliff hung (which means to not know the end of a situation at the time) The books that you read usually are really good. Don’t try to go ahead specially if you’re reading it together as a class. It’s probably better if you just keep in the range of your classmates.

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