January Music News

ES, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade

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Early School

  • Learned to sing an echo song, "Good Morning"
  • Played a suspenseful game with the rhyme, "Ice Cream, a Penny a Lump"
  • Used bells to play a song, "One Little Owl, One Little Star"
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  • Used scarves to create movements with the recording, "The Funky Penguin"
  • Sang "Fifteen Miles." We then made a steady beat to march fifteen steps.
  • Played "Vegetable Goop." The children sang a rhyme, then picked a card with a letter. They then clapped a word that begins with the picked letter.
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First Grade

  • Learned high, middle, and low pitches to sing the song, "Magic Words." We then added percussion instruments for a class performance.
  • Sang the song, "Martin Luther King" for a performance in the Hilpert Room.
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Second Grade

  • Learned the song, "The Queen of Hearts." We extended our vocal range by adding the notes re and do. After learning the song, we added a variety of percussion instruments for a class performance.
  • Learned a crossover percussion technique with the song, "There Was an Old Woman."
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