The Phonograph

The Noisiest Object in Your House

Things to Know About the Phonograph

The Phonograph was an old fashion music player that was made for fancy hotels parties and for rich people. It was made in 1887 by an inventor called Thomas Edison. He also invented the light bulb. When first turned on it had a cantankerous sound since it was from the 18'hundreds.


The Phonograph is the same as any music player it plays music, you can dance to it, and enjoy music. The phonograph is the father of many new music players because it led to the boombox, the MP3 player, iPhone, and in the future they might make a brand new music player based on the phonograph, WHO KNOWS right


The Phonograph is a music player that played music in a slow tempo. The music player these days play any music you want to listen from rock to pop or country that didn't exist in the 18' hundreds, if you listen to music these days they are louder and crazier. The phonograph weighted about 3 to 7 pounds and the iPod weighted less than a pound and you can fit them in your pocket. The iPod is one of many devices people use these days to listen to music, if you go to someone house will you see a person listening to the phonograph no they will have an iPod or an iPhone.
The History of Portable Music