5th and 6th Grade News

February 17, 2016

Dear Fabulous Fifth and Sixth Grade Families,

Hope everyone had a wonderful President's Day Weekend! 5th and 6th Grade did a fantastic job hosting Mass last week! I am so proud of them!

Lent: We are focusing on the three things we do for Lent which is to pray, fast, and give alms. These can take different forms, for example, on Fridays we are fasting from meat but we will also abstain from talking during lunches on Fridays. I encourage families to discuss different ways to pray, fast, or give alms during this Lenten season.

Camp: We are still missing a few commitment forms for CYO camp in April. I just need to confirm numbers so we can lock down logistics for cabins and chaperones. For more information on CYO Camp, you can visit this website:


Registration: Registration for current families is from Feb 1 - 26. It will open for everyone on Feb. 29. If families do not complete the registration process, including paying the enrollment fee (by Feb 26th), their "spot" may be given away for next year. Also, all families must have an account in "good standing" in order to re-enroll for next year. Tuition Contract meetings for ANY family needing financial assistance for the 2016 - 17 school year will be held on Feb. 25th and 26th. Please contact Berenice at office@hrrsjda.org or 253.272.7012 to schedule an appointment.

Please remember: All students not in an adult-sponsored activity (orchestra, tutoring, etc.) must either be picked up by 3:15 or they will be sent to Extended Care (and families will be charged).

Here is what is going on this week:

Monday, 2/15:

  • No School

Tuesday, 2/16:

  • No School

Wednesday, 2/17:

  • Band

Thursday, 2/18:

  • Mass - please ensure students are in proper uniforms.
  • Vocabulary Unit 10 Test; flashcards and workbook pages due
  • Music Video Recording - students must bring band instruments, music, and stands.

Friday, 2/19:

  • P.E.
  • Silent Lunch

What are we learning this week?

  • We are reviewing this week's readings and discussing how we can change for Jesus during the Lenten season.
  • We will also be doing a Stations of the Cross project.

Language Arts:

  • No Reading Log or Spelling Lesson this week.
  • Our Vocabulary Test for Unit 10 will be Thursday, February 18th. Flash cards and workbook pages will also be due this day.
  • This week we will be looking at the Civil Rights Movement and reading several excerpts that focus on point of view and characterization. We will also be writing persuasive essays.

Social Studies:

  • This week we are creating our own Egyptian and Sumerian tablets. Our children are pretending they are scribes from Ancient times and they have to create a tablet for the newborn heir to the kingdom. The students must give advice to this prince or princess and write it in either hieroglyphics or cuneiform.


  • Both grades are working on Algebra and simplifying expressions with one variable. They are also working on whether expressions are equivalent or not.
  • 6th grade math will also be expanding and factoring algebraic expressions.
Looking forward to a great week! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thank you!

Mrs. Scott

Holy Rosary Regional School - Juan Diego Academy