Using Google Classroom

A Self Paced Professional Development Course

Using Google Classroom

You have seen or heard how Google Classroom can transform the way you give instruction to your learners. Now it is time to apply your skills in this self-paced course. Even though the course is safe paced you will have a month to complete it before your DLS turn of the credit for you to get your digital badge and certificate. If you have used Google Classroom, your DLS is looking for another way you can use it so you can earn the credit. You will receive 2 hours of INVEST for doing this course but there are artifacts and action items that you must complete to get the credit. Just a reminder...Google Classroom is an online class platform that allows you to interact with your students - managing assignments and resources, posting announcements and even holding class discussions online. Check out the video below for a super quick overview of what Classroom has to offer. Click the icon to start your class. Good luck and have fun in the course.

Check out this 2 minute overview how Google Classroom can be used

What are other educators saying about it?

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Share your Ideas

Based on what you have seen and read, click on the Google Slide link below. You are now a collaborator on a Google Slide. Take one slide and add your name, school, subject, and grade level as your title. Share your ideas on how you can use Google Classroom to engage your students in the classroom. You only have one slide. Get creative. Use images instead of a bunch of words. Be expressive as you an infographic. Remember you only have one slide. You will see others that are collaborating and this one doc so please be respectful and do not edit on other members slides.

Click HERE to go to the Slide

The video below will take you through every aspect of Google Classroom - from the teacher and student side - in just 18 minutes. Don't forget that you can pause the video to explore things as you watch, and re-watch (all or part) if it goes too fast for you!

Looking to flip or blend your classroom for blended instruction

View the video below to learn how you can flip and blend your class with Google Classroom.

You can now give different assignments to individual students! See the screenshot and blog post below for more info on how to do this!

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Share some ideas on how you would use Google Classroom to differentiate instruction. Make sure you say your first name and campus where you are at in your video.


You click on the button below that so "Go to Google Classroom".

NOTE: You may need to keep this Smore tab open for reference and Google Classroom.

You will start creating your new Google Classroom. View the guidelines below


  1. From what you have learned to create a new google classroom. This is a new classroom that you are going to use with your students or other educators.
  2. Invite your DLS to the course as a teacher (not a student) so they can be a collaborator with you in the course. His email address is
  3. Invite another educator in as a student.
  4. Have your learns do 1 or 2 assignments or activities in the course.
  5. Have a discussion component where your learners are responding in the classroom. Remember this can be done in or out of the classroom. Remember to discuss best digital citizenship practices when posting and sharing responses. Remember think before you post.

View the tips below to start your classroom


As you are building your classroom click on all the images below to see in another tab and for more information.

We are going to build step by step with ABCs and 123s. We will follow the steps together.


NOTE:You can go to the 9 squares and find the picture of the classroom, or


  • Use Google Classroom with your students! The best way to learn is to dive in!
  • If you need to practice something before you try it with your real class, feel free to email me and ask me to be your practice "student".
  • Be sure to do more than just post announcements! Manage at least one assignment through Classroom!
  • Below are some resources to support your learning and implementation phase.

Get your badge and Certificate!

Complete the form below to show what you've learned and accomplished! Once reviewed, you'll receive your badge and 2 Hours INVEST certificate.
Google Classroom Course Completion Form

Remember you must do all the requirements in this Smore before you are approved for your certificate. The course will close November 7th.



We all see Schoology as PD...however how have we leveraged it for our students as courses? This is a totally optional PD course but take the challenge and join the Schoology and Me course. Now that you know Google Classroom let's review and learn this tool. Let's compare notes with DLS. This course is self paced but I would really like to hear your feedback as you create it for students. You will receive INVESt hours for this.

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Resources from this Smore have been adapted by works from Alice Keeler and Rachel Porter