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Can-Am I Am!

The splendor of the bike market is there is something for everyone - whether it is a modern, screaming street bike or a muddy ATV that churns up the trails - no matter what you'd like, Pete’s can enable you out. kawasaki sport-utility

In an effort to make sure our customers get what they want, we’re happy to carry the popular line of Can-Am three-wheel motorcycles. You might have seen the commercials on television, or seen a picture on our Facebook page, but you can’t truly respect these beauties until you see them in person.

And then climb aboard one for the test journey. After that, you will be sold!

We carry two different styles of the Can-Am: the RT Roadster plus the RS Roadster. The RT is designed for the rider who wants to go out on the open highway and travel for miles in comfort and style.

Offering the same dimension engine and manual transmission, the RS Roadster has the heart of a racer as well as the body of an athlete. Stylized lines combined with 106 horsepower engine will have you racing down the roads and turning heads.

Pete’s Cycles stocks both versions from the Can-Am and in some cases if you’ve never climbed aboard a motorbike in your daily life, you will feel right at home. The bikes attribute easy to learn manual transmissions and their three-wheel design means you won’t have to worry about losing your balance.

The requirements for having a license to drive a Can-Am in Maryland are the same as qualifying for your bike license, but once you’ve taken the course you are going to be ready to cruise the back again roadways and beltways. For more details please visit our page at click here

The creators on the Can-Am are the same people who brought the Sea Doo and Ski Doo, as well as other legendary watercraft, for the world. Founded by J.A. Bombardier in 1942, the company’s dedication to quality craftsmanship, expert design and execution, plus a dedication to fun are all found inside the Can-Am.

Join the ranks of Can-Am riders, who will be finding that these easy to handle, and fun to trip devices are perfect for the morning commute or a long weekend vacation. You are going to certainly be happier when you realize that your visits to the fuel station are much farther between than when you were driving a car or SUV.

For much more information about the Can-Am and its many benefits, contact Pete’s at among our three locations:
• Baltimore 410-663-8556
• Bel Air 410-879-3586
• Severna Park 410-647-5880