Brenda Eguia

The piranha

Piranhas are small to medium sized fish that live in rivers of South America. Some piranhas can be found in warm lakes and rivers of North America and in Kaptai Lake in Bangladesh. Word piranha means "fish tooth" in indigenous languages of Amazon. Exact number of species of piranha is unknown (between 30 and 60). They are not endangered. Piranhas are silver covered with red patches which helps them camouflage


Piranhas are omnivores they eat animals, fish, plants, fruits almost anything that falls into the water. Piranhas travel in pack so they can eat large animals inside of water. They usually eat snails, fish, aquatic animals and plants, seed and fruit. Their jaw bone is so strong, that it can crush a human hand in 5-10 seconds.

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Mating season for the Piranhas is in the rainy season which is in April & May. Females lay up to 5000 eggs once the eggs have been layer both female and male take responsibility of protecting the egg helping about 90% of them hatch.

Extra information

The piranhas teeth are razor sharp they are often used as weapons for humans. Just like sharks piranhas have special sensors that can detect blood in the water. They are found in fresh water and they are also kept as pets. They live up to 25 years in the wild and from 10-20 years in captivity. The teeth in the piranhas are extremely sharp, triangle shaped and are arranged in a single row. Piranhas will eat each other in a pack so they don't really trust each other. They try their best to not be as close to each other because they don't know when they will attack.