Mecca, Saudi Arabia

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Mecca is located in the center of the Islamic world. It's surrounded by the Sirat Mountains in central Saudi Arabia.
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Mecca, Saudi Arabia has a large population. The climate has temperatures that are very high across the year. Most of the people live in the old city where the houses are compact. The customary buildings they live in are usually two to three stories tall and made from local rock. Mecca is and always has been dependent on the annual pilgrimage feeding it's economy. The general urban economy is commercial and service-oriented. Mecca has many unique features as well as "the Ka'ba", and "the Black Stone" that give the area a more vigorous and diverse culture.


Mecca is filled with a great religious history that tells of the great mosque called "the Ka'ba", prophets like Muhammad, and the journey all Muslims must take in their lifetime, "the Hajj". In the seventh century, Abraham and his son, Ishmael built the Ka'ba and it was made to be the house of god. The building has been destroyed and rebuilt a series of times. In 570, the prophet Muhammad was born, which increased religious importance of the city today. Muhammad had been forced to flee in 622, but had come back eight years later and took control of the city. He dedicated his work of making Mecca the center of muslim pilgrimage to god and since Muhammad, the city has stayed in the spotlight of islamic religion. As for the Hajj, it's history has gone on since 630 C.E., when Muhammad and his followers rededicated the pilgrimage to Mecca and from then on made it a Muslim rite. Mecca has a vast amount of religious followers who consider this place to be sacred to them. The majority of these people are muslims from the islamic religion.


Muslims believe that Mecca, Saudi Arabia is sacred because Islam was founded in Mecca and the city includes the pilgrimage that forgives sins, devotion, and intense spirituality, which is the Fifth Pillar of Islam. It is important because Muslims wish to worship Allah (God), and this is the place that accepts them and helps them to practice their religion. Mecca plays a role as the most important Muslim site in the world. To devout Islamic worshippers it is a wonderful place to celebrate their religion and pray. This city is very special in the lives of Muslims everywhere.

Muslims Praying to the Ka'ba

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The Black Stone

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Fun and Interesting Facts

The city of Mecca is full of amazing character. It has many things about it, such as the legend that the "Black Stone" was originally white but slowly darkened by the kisses of sinful mortals. The "Black Stone", or Hajarul Aswad is apart of the Hajj, when you walk into the Ka'ba shrine and kiss the stone. Since this journey is sacred, the only people who are actually aloud are Muslims. This is the most important event of the year there, so since there were people who came after the Hajj called the Slum, they were lesser known as the Umrah.

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