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Notes on Math Happenings in the District - April Edition

"Next Steps" and Dates from This Issue

  1. Academic Vocabulary Training (by May 9)
  2. Sign up for the 2 CAA spots!
  3. Responsive Teaching Training - April 22nd During Team Time. Read article before!!
  4. ALL Casio Calculators to B201 by end of day April 29th.
  5. Summer PD Offerings in June and July

Algebra 1 EOC - Calculator Prep

I will be asking for your calculators AGAIN by the end of the day on Friday, April 29th. We will need to go through the same processes of collecting/clearing for the Algebra 1 EOC. I may request help in the resetting of the calculators again... stay tuned!

Cougar Academic Academy

CAA started this past week for 6th and 7th grade! Only 4 more weeks... we can do it!

We still have TWO Saturday Spots open, waiting to be filled. Let me know if you'd like to earn an easy $50 this month!

Thank you again for your flexibility and willingness to help out with CAA!

Final Exams - June 2016

We will again be providing you with a common semester exam. We will be using the final exams generated last year, with a few minor tweaks. Let me know if you would be interested in previewing them again.

Just as a reminder, the exams will cover:

  • 6th Grade - Only 2nd Semester Material
  • 7th Grade - Only 2nd Semester Material
  • 8th Grade - Whole-year, but only Readiness TEKS
  • 7th Acc - Same test as 8th grade, but without the few TEKS saved for Algebra 1.

I am excited for us to administer these and correct so many of the mistakes I made in the fall! I will have the CORRECT scantrons for you this time around, and we will be able to scan them here at North - woohoo! I'll give you more instructions as we near exam time.

Math Screeners for 2016-2017

As you know, the MSTAR was an epic fail. We are currently working on developing our own screeners for CISD to use. The Elementary Math Coaches did this for grades 3-5 this year and received tons of positive feedback. We are excited to develop something in-house, allowing us to structure and design it in a way that will meet all of our needs.

We have JUST begun this process, so there are still many things to work out. However, here a few things to consider for next year:

  • The screener will most likely be 10-15 problems strictly over numeracy/Algebra readiness.
  • It will most likely be given at the beginning of the year, middle of the year and end of the year.
  • The screener WILL include a small section that requires you to work one-on-one with your learners. (I know this sounds insane with 100+ students - but stay tuned for how we will make this work. Keep an open mind - I won't ask you to do anything that I won't also be doing with my own 100 students.)
  • The screener will strictly serve as a means to determine whether or not a learner is "at-risk" or "not at-risk." It will not be taken for a grade, but may be used to help determine placement in programs like Math Mania.

Again, stay tuned for more information, although you probably won't hear more about it until the beginning of next year!

Summer Professional Learning - Math Offerings

Sometime soon, Laurie O'Neill will be putting out a course catalog of what professional development sessions will be offered this summer. The sessions below are Math-specific. I've starred the ones I would REALLY encourage you to attend! Maybe even as a whole-team bonding experience??

All "AM" sessions will be from 8:30 - 11:30, and "PM" sessions will be from 12:30 - 3:30.

  • June 13 AM - Transfer Goals - PK-12

  • June 14 PM Engaging ELLS - 6-8***

  • June 15 PM - Desmos - 5-12****

  • June 16 AM - Anchors, Maps, Models for Vocab - PK-12

  • July 18 AM - Desmos - 5-12****

  • July 18 PM - Anchors, Maps, Models for Vocb - PK-12

  • July 19 AM - TEKS Exploration - 6-12*****

  • July 19 PM - Engaging ELLs - 6-8***

  • July 20 AM - TEKS Exploration - K-5

  • July 20 PM - TEKS Exploration - K-5

***Engaging ELLS training includes a free book of resources from Region IV.

****I am a HUGE Desmos advocate! It is SO great for building knowledge of multiple representations. It is not just for upper grades, so consider this training even if you teach 6th/7th grade!

*****This is my favorite offering this summer. It REALLY digs into the TEKS. Just when you think you know them all forwards and backwards, it goes deeper. Definitely a huge help for anyone new-ish to teaching, or that will be teaching a course for the first time.

Responsive Teaching Training

We will meet during team times on Friday, April 22nd to finish out our System Safeguards training. Prior to that day, you will need to read the article linked below (Educational Leadership: Strengthening...). I would suggest reading through with a highlighter in-hand!

When we meet during team time, we will jump into a structured conversation regarding the article and what it says about motivation and engagement through the lens of cultural awareness. I will record the major points of our conversations and submit them through Schoology. After I submit our responses, you will receive flex credit for the "training."

Academic Vocabulary Training

Don't forget to take the Academic Vocabulary Training Course in Schoology. The course is titled "Mathematics PL: 2015-2016." This training must be complete by May 9th!


Kudos to Lorice Perry and Danielle LaCoste for continuing to work hard on Math Mania from week to week. It's like CAA 4 days a week every week. Without the extra pay. KUDOS LADIES.
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