TVUSD Board Meeting Highlights

September 3, 2019

This communication is to share highlights, recognitions, and notable action items from the Board meeting. The official minutes serve as the public record.

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Big picture

Jess Caponigro, Assistant Director of Student Welfare and Success (SWS), introduced CHS advisors and students responsible for creating the suicide awareness video as part of their efforts on the campus. Each TVUSD high school has focused on creating student-led campaigns to create suicide awareness programs. This year, the SWS team is also working with the middle schools to implement suicide awareness campaigns.

Over 1,000 videos were submitted in the state, and CHS received an honorable mention for their public service video.

Advisors: Carissa Teachout and Elyce Mandich. The following students were responsible for contributing to the creation of the video during the 2018/19 school year.

  • John Najera, Lianne Nguyen, Jasline Dimapilis, Sydney Moreno, Katelyn Koeper, Alyssa Mae Legaspi (graduated), Katheryne Porres Forkel (graduated), Matthew Ochoa (graduated), Jennifer Valencia, Jacob Schmidt, Kathryn Taylor (graduated), Angelica Dela Cruz, Jaedyn Wells (graduated), Catherine Shaw, Katriel Henningson, Hayle Carbajal, Morgan Stebens, Allison Casasola, Sabrina Moreno, Tyler Schmidt, Michaela Justiniani, Alyssa Helsel (graduated)

Click here to check out their public service video, Even You, Even Me.

Introduction of New Assistant Principal

Janelle Peters was introduced as a new Assistant Principal who will oversee the preschool programs at Jackson and Alamos Elementary Schools. She previously served as a school psychologist in TVUSD.


The Board approved all items listed on the Consent Calendar. The Consent Calendar typically consists of contracts and routine items that do not require discussion and is approved in one motion as a group. The September 3, 2019, Consent Calendar also included approval of previously proposed policies:
Board Policy (BP) and Administrative Regulation (AR) 6174 - Education for English Learners

Board Policy (BP) 6162.5 - Student Assessment

Board Policy (BP) and Administrative Regulation (AR) 0460 - Local Control and Accountability Plan


Education Technology Annual Update

Chris Dixon, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, shared information about the past, present, and future of TVUSD's Technology Plan. Everything our students do today is tied to digital citizenship.

Equity and Access: The CLEVER app has changed this for TVUSD. Once we implemented CLEVER last year, all teachers and students have access via their student ID number to every instructional platform they use. Instructional adoptions are also created with digital platforms. Digital equity includes English learners, special needs classes...all students, no matter what their learning levels and needs. Every principal in our district has taken ownership of technology on their campus and we continue to expand our efforts. TVUSD's goal is to provide our teachers with the best tools to support the teaching and learning environment.

Future Considerations:

  1. Convene tech committee to begin work on a new plan - the current plan expires June 2020
  2. Embed new computer science standards in core and specialized classes
  3. Train staff through cultural shifts in technology
  4. Create flexible online learning options for students
  5. Support internet access at home and improve in-school access

Click here to view the presentation.

Early Childhood Education Update
Ami Paradise, Assistant Director of Special Education, provided an update regarding current preschool programs in TVUSD. We currently have 212 students in TVUSD's preschool general and special education programs. Last year, over 1,000 parents participated in a preschool interest survey, indicating there are a great need and desire for expanding preschool opportunities.

Alamos' new Love to Learn fee-based preschool class is completely full and now has a waiting list. Jackson's Love to Learn fee-based preschool is currently on hold pending licensing approval. Preschool provides important foundational and socialization skills for students and helps to better prepare them to enter school.

Next steps:
Identify which types of early childhood programs would best benefit TVUSD.

Look at funding source opportunities, potential state funding, grants, fee-based options.

Review facility opportunities for potential expansion of preschool programs.

Click here to view the presentation.

Proposed Changes to Board Policies

Gamut, a service offered by the California School Boards Association, is an online policy information service that incorporates a policy update reference manual that is updated continually as laws are changed and updates are made. Board Policies were updated with all district policies on January 16, 2018. Gamut updated the following policies and district administration reviewed the changes.

The Board reviewed recommended changes to the following Board Policies:
Board Bylaw 9310

Board Policy (BP) 3553 - Free and Reduced Meals

The policies will be brought back for the Board's approval consideration at a future meeting.


2018-19 Unaudited Actuals Financial Report

Nicole Lash, Director of Fiscal Services, presented the Unaudited Actuals Financial Report. In accordance with Education Code Section 42100, the Board of Education must annually approve the Unaudited Actuals Financial report, which reflects the prior year activity and ending fund balances. These reports are subsequently audited by the District’s independent auditing firm whose report is completed in the month of December. TVUSD currently has a projected positive ending fund balance for the next three years. However, she reminded the Board about some of the economic uncertainties that may be ahead and affect tax-supported operations like TVUSD. The Board approved the 2018-19 unaudited actuals financial report.

Click here to review the presentation.

Resolution No. 2019-20/03 – Resolution of the Board of Education of the Temecula Valley Unified School District to Commit Revenues in the General Fund Balance

There is no dedicated or specialized funding for many operational and maintenance costs of the district. This includes funding for student and teacher technology devices as well as funding for the vast deferred maintenance projects to be completed district-wide. Currently, the district has a high ending fund balance due to the receipt of one-time funds over the past 5 years. For this, the District is recommending that the Board commit $12,000,000 for Technology and Deferred Maintenance projects to be completed over the next few years. The Board approved Resolution No. 2019-20/03 of the Governing Board of the Temecula Valley Unified School District to commit Revenues in the general fund balance.

Approval of Revised Certificated Substitute Salary Schedule

At the August 20, 2019 Board meeting, an informational presentation showed the Board an average pay rate for various categories of certificated substitutes among eight (8) comparison districts, plus Temecula Valley Unified School District. This comparison was consistent with how comparisons have been conducted in the past for other employee groups. Based on that presentation, the Board had the opportunity for discussion on this topic.

Based upon the discussion at the August Board meeting, the staff is bringing forward this item to approve an increase to the short-term substitute rate, long-term substitute rate, and a difficult-to-fill substitute rate to be added to the schedule with no rate change proposed for Special Education substitutes at this time. Following are the recommended changes:

Short Term: $115/day
Long Term: $127/day
Fully Credentialed Special Ed/TPSL: $200/day
Difficult to Fill Credential Types: $150/day

The Board approved the revised certificated substitute salary schedule.

Board of Education Agendas and Information

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The next regular Board meeting is September 17, 2019.

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