Google Apps

Google Account

All Google services use a single account. If you log into the main Google page at the top right of the screen, you should be logged in whenever you try to access any of their services.
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If you don't have an account, the log in screen has a link to create one. The sign up process is fairly short, and if you already have an email address, you can use that instead of getting a new one.
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Google Mail, or Gmail, is an Email service provided by Google. It is designed to filter out spam messages, and to make organizing different kinds of email easily.

An email account will be quite important for job seekers, as potential employers may choose to communicate by email. It is also important to check your email regularly, and to keep it organized to ensure you don't miss any emails.

After signing in, you are taken to your main inbox. The majority of your mail will be sent here unless you adjust the filters for the other tabs.

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Google will automatically sort mail from social networks and store promotions into tabs of their own, to keep them separate from your regular mail.

Clicking the compose key will open a small pop up window in the bottom left of the screen.

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Google Calender is a useful tool for keeping yourself organized. It can be used to make note of upcoming events, like interviews or appointments, so there would be less confusion if a job seeker had multiple interviews. It can be set to send you text message notifications, and as well as adding your own events, you can subscribe to public calenders and have their events added to yours.

After signing in, Calender is automatically set to the weekly display mode. This shows the current weeks events.

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Using the buttons in the top right corner of the screen, the view can be changed to display in a different format.

To set an event, you just find the time and date you want, and click on it. This opens a small pop up to enter a small amount of information on it. If you double click on an event or slot, it opens a screen to enter more detailed information on an event.

Google Drive Is an free online storage service with an attached office suite. This can be useful for job seekers who can't afford to pay for a full professional office suite, and need to write up a CV, or prepare a presentation for an interview.

It also makes it easy to share the files you create on it, as all you need is a link provided by Google, So you don't need to download the file then attach it to an email.

Signing in to drive takes you to a list of files you have uploaded or created in it.

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To make new files in drive, click the create button at the left of the screen. This opens a drop down menu of the file types that can be created. Selecting the one you want opens up a new page with the things you need to create the file you wanted, e.g. selecting Document will open a word processor

Clicking the upload button, next to create, will allow you to upload files from your computer onto drive so they can be accessed anywhere.

YouTube is an online video streaming site, which was purchased by Google in 2006. People looking for jobs could use it to find tutorials on skills that would be necessary to find a job, such as writing a CV, or a proper letter.

They could also use it to look for interview techniques to improve their chances of succeeding when they get one.

As well as this, they could use it to research a company they are applying for a job at. This could Help their chances in an interview, as it will show they are actually interested ion the job.

Opening Youtube takes you to the main page, with a collection of videos that have been popular lately. If you are signed in, and have used Youtube in the past, it gives a list of recommendations based on the videos you had watched previously

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To search for a specific video, or kind of video, you enter some related terms into the search bar and it will bring up any videos that match those terms in the title or the video tags.