College in the 1920s

By: Ahmed Alabudi

5 Fun Facts

1. In the 1920s the College was luxurious to students from less fortunate homes(St Hilda's College)

2. Large staffs of maids who work long hours, they not only clean the college but also made the students beds and cleaned their shoes(St Hilda's College)

3. Food was plentiful, no one was ever going hungry(St Hilda's College)

4. In the 1920s, the typical college student was a white male, from the middle or upper class and politically conservative

5. Women enrolled in college in record numbers in America in the 1920s.

5 normal facts

1. The Great War (World War I) intervenes to slow down the suffrage campaign as some--but not all--suffragists decide to shelve their suffrage activism in favor of "war work." In the long run, however, this decision proves to be a prudent one as it adds yet another reason to why women deserve the vote

2. August 26, 1920

The Nineteenth Amendment is ratified. Its victory accomplished, NAWSA ceases to exist, but its organization becomes the nucleus of the League of Women Voters.

3. 1923

The National Woman's Party first proposes the Equal Rights Amendment to eliminate discrimination on the basis of gender. It has never been ratified.

4. During this time fraternal and sorority life was growing.

5. Colleges were still segregated from African Americans and Women.

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