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North Elementary School- October 15, 2015





YEE HAWS!!!!! = 7

Calendar of Events

Thursday, October 15

  • Grading Window Opens at 7:00 am
  • Staff Appreciation Breakfast at Miller Center at 7:30 am (Nicole Jenkins attending)
  • Elementary Principals' Meeting from 8:00-11:30 am (Barb) at BOE
  • Earthquake Drill at 10:15 am
  • Literacy Mini Lesson Update Presentation (K-1) at 4:15 pm at Dix Road
  • PTO Fall Festival Committee Meeting at 5:00 pm in the office

Friday, October 16

  • Conference Notes sent home

Saturday, October 17

  • Happy Birthday, Cecilia Gehlert!

Sunday, October 18

  • Happy Birthday, Patty Christensen!

October 19-October 23: National School Bus Safety Week

Monday, October 19

  • End of First Quarter
  • IEP (5W) at 8:05 am in the office
  • Staffing (2M) at 3:15 pm in the office
  • Literacy Mini Lesson Update Presentation (2-3) at 4:15 pm at Dix Road

Tuesday, October 20

  • Blue Ribbon Writing Party at 9:00 am in room 110
  • Julie Stoehr and Barb meet with Joe Martin, new Technology Coordinator at 1:00 pm in the office

Wednesday, October 21

  • Grading window closes at 7:00 am
  • School Bus Evacuation Drills- During morning drop off
  • Early Release at 1:00 pm (See specials and lunch changes)

Thursday, October 22

  • Pay Day
  • Board of Education Tour of North School from 8:30-9:30 am
  • Parent- Teacher Conferences and Book Fair from 3:00-7:00 pm
  • Staffing (3G) at 5:00 pm in Kourtney's room

Friday, October 23

  • Fall Parties for grades K-1
  • First Grade to Fischer Farms from 9:00-10:30 am (There will be special class changes)
  • Kindergarten to Fischer Farms from 12:00-1:30 pm (There will be special class changes)
  • Blue Ribbon Writing Papers due to Fariba by 3:00 pm

Happy October Birthday to:

17- Cecilia Gehlert

18- Patty Christensen

27- Katie Hudson

31- Lyndsey Reynders

Missing Respect Book

We are still missing the respect book, Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld. Please return this to the office as soon as possible.

Students Arriving Late to Class

Just a reminder- if a student arrives after you have marked them absent in Infinite Campus, they should have a pass from the office. Please send them back for a pass if they do not have one. Sometimes students slip by the office. This pass is how Carey and Lyndsey know to change the attendance to reflect that they are here! We call parents of those who are absent and this can cause unnecessary worry.

November Staff Appreciation Breakfast

The next Staff Appreciation Breakfast will be held on November 19. Please nominate someone by emailing 2-3 sentences to me as to why that person should be North School's representative by Thursday, October 30.


The window for posting grades opens at 7:00 am on Thursday, October 15. If you will let Carey know when you are finished posting grades, she will print out your grade cards for you. Laura, Kim Silvey, and Amy Backes- you will also need to let Carey know when you are finished. She not be able to print the grade cards until she hears from all three specials teachers and the classroom teacher.

The posting window closes at 7:00 am on Wednesday, October 21. Please do not wait until the 21st. You will have time to look over your grade cards for any errors before conferences if they are posted and printed earlier. It is a lot easier to make changes to the grade cards while the window is still open than when the window is closed!

If you get your grade cards and notice something that looks missing on special class sections, please see Laura, Kim or Amy. They cannot check grade cards once they enter items and so they count on you to look those over for them.

Please keep in mind, beginning on Monday, October 19, the office copier needs to be for printing grade cards. Please use the workroom copier October 19- 22.

Brag Tags

Brag Tags Needed forms (for Cissy) and Assembly Notices (for parents) are in your mailboxes. The end of the quarter is Monday, October 19.

  • I will have perfect attendance lists for you on Monday, October 19. After you receive the perfect attendance list, please complete the "Brag Tags Needed" sheet for Cissy by Wednesday, October 21.

  • Email the names of students earning all awards to Barb by Wednesday, October 21. (You do not have to email perfect attendance winner names.)
  • Assembly notes go home on Friday, October 23 with all students receiving at least one brag tag.

Kim Silvey, Amy Backes, Laura, and Julie Stoehr- If you have any brag tags to give, go ahead and give the brag tag to the student and be sure that I have the list of names by Wednesday, October 21.

Early Release on October 21

Our first early release day will be on Wednesday, October 21. School will dismiss at 1:00 pm. Please be sure to include something about this in your newsletters this week. Ycare will be in the cafeteria beginning at 1:00 pm for students who are enrolled in Ycare.

I have altered the specials and lunch schedules for early dismissal days. A copy of the schedule is in your mailbox. Staff who have a lunch or recess duty, please be sure to look at the schedule. Duty times may have changed slightly.

Plan to meet in the library at 1:15 to begin our early release professional development. Classroom teachers, you are receiving an email about some math and ela questions you need to discuss with your team before our early release on Wednesday.

Board of Education Building Tour

A committee from the Board of Education is visiting all buildings this month. Board of Education members, Kathy Foster, Bob Weber or John Moon and I will be touring the building on Thursday, October 22 from about 8:30-9:30 am. We will try not to interrupt classes, but this is primarily a facilities visit. We will not go into all classrooms, but it is important that they see class sizes and spaces. Just ignore us if we pop in.

Fall Parties- Permission Slips

Each day between now and your party, please collect permission slips and money. Send the money to the office daily and keep the permission slips for your records.

Be sure you have contacted someone to be in charge of your snacks on fall party day. Snacks can be at any time you choose opposite the time of your activity. (If your party is in the morning, snacks are in the afternoon and vice versa.) Don't forget that you'll need drinks, cups, napkins...etc.

School Net Training- Curriculum Portion

The Offices of Staff Services and Data, Assessment, and Planning are hosting training on how to access district curriculum and generate data reports from SchoolNet. The district's goal is for all curriculum to be accessed through SchoolNet by second semester. Your leadership committee representative can provide you with more information about this.

Dates available include:

10/20- 4:00-5:00 pm

10/27- 4:15-5:15 pm

10/28- 4:15-5:15 pm

All trainings will be at Dix Road. Register on MyLearningPlan to attend.

Literacy- Units of Study Presentation

Literacy- Units of Study Presentation

Grades K-1, Thursday, October 15

Grades 2-3, Monday, October 19

Grades 4-5, Monday, November 2

Location: Dix Education Center, 4:15-5:15

The purpose of these sessions is to look at the revision work completed over the summer to enhance the reading and writing Units of Study. Presenters will highlight the revisions that were made for each grade level and showcase the available resources for Unit 1. They will also walk you through the digital organization of the documents on Google Drive and explain the plans for posting the remaining Units of Study. This Drive folder is a place to collaborate with your grade level team across the district by providing an easy way to share resources with each other for reading, writing, math, science, social studies, classroom management, and more. Time will be provided for you to talk as a grade level team about how your grade level would like to use your Drive folder for ongoing collaboration. Please join us to learn more about the collaborative grade level Drive folder and all the available resources for supporting literacy instruction in your classroom. Sign up on My Learning Plan.


  • Be sure to keep your websites up-to-date!
  • I would like copies of all classroom newsletters. These can be sent to me electronically or a paper copy in my mailbox.
  • Please continue to use the clip up tickets, Safe, Respectful, and Responsible Compliment cards (or verbal compliments) keeping the 4:1 in mind!
  • Social dues ($25) are due by October 25. Please make checks payable to North School Social Committee and give them to Karri Gourley.

"Get your learn on!" --Kid President

Dr. Willard Daggett Live: Relevance Makes Rigor Possible, 5 of 6

Responsibility means to do your part as expected or requested every time. It means to think before you act or speak and consider the consequences.

Be Safe~Be Respectful~Be Responsible