Dance Careers

By: Amanda Swanger


Dance Choreographers will work with individual dancers or large groups. For education its best to study several of dances to provide the best expression of their creative vision. The pay for a choreographer in NC is between $29,010-$43,435. Choreographers should have a positive attitude.

Dance Teachers

Dance teachers lead dance classes and teach their students how to do what they do. For education they have to have a high school diploma, bachelors degree and be a graduate for a professional teacher. The annual salary for a dance teacher in North Carolina is $51,898 and salaries range from $20,000 to $99,840. Teachers should always stay calm in all situations, and interact with all their students. They should also share their knowledge so that their students can be smart like them. Its a good idea to teach students all the different type of dances.

Dance Photographer

Dance photographers take pictures of all kinds of people dancing. Most successful dance photographers have a bachelors degree in photography. A lot of photographers will do formal training for their career through undergraduate degree programs. The salary for a dance photographer changes based on where they live, what company they work for, and experiences they have had in the past. The average salary for most dance photographers is $40,000. Photographers will see things differently then other people, they put themselves in control when they go to take the photos. Dance photographers should be joyful, patient, and have a flexible work schedule. Its best to be organized and reliable.