made by Emily Carr

What is globalization?

The term globalization means the interaction of countries of the world to further their goals. There are four categories of globalization.

The four types of globalization:

Economic: Interaction of countries for financial reasons and investments.

Technological: Ideas being shared across the world through technology.

Environmental: Natural resources and goods being shared around the world.

Cultural: How people live daily around the world.

Problems that arise from globalization, and a solution:

Economic- Work conditions are different in other countries, and workers don't get paid as much. It also creates less jobs here in the USA, which is what we really need.

Technological- People are more likely to say things over the Internet or through texting and such than they would face to face. There isn't as much interaction day to day through speaking as much as through an electronic device.

Environmental- The amount of pollution we put into the air because of all the traveling is a big problem. There is also a lot of electrical power needed, which is hard to get through wind power alone.

Cultural- The affects of globalization have impacted how people live their lives daily because some countries are losing their own culture due to the fact that other cultures are overtaking it. An example is the spread of American culture, and how much of it is spreading around the world, and effecting other countries culture.

The solution- The solution for economic globalization is to try and move the jobs from other countries to here in the US. It would offer many jobs to those who are unemployed, and the unemployed rate would go down quite a lot. It would also help solve the cultural globalization problem as well, since America would have less of an impact on other countries, and they could regain their culture.

A little about Canada:

Canada is located above the United States, in North America. A majority of it's population is located along the border of the United States. It is located there because there are many people that are traveling to Canada, and people traveling to the US. There is also a great deal of interaction between the two countries. There are many resources located in Canada, mainly along the inner coastline and central areas of the country. And since so many people travel from the United States to Canada and vice versa, the transportation is mainly along the border. Also, the population of Canada is also mainly located along the border, which is why there is so much transportation there.