Microsoft Access

Advanced Queries

Types of Queries

  • Pattern Match Query
  • List of Values Match Query
  • Parameter Query
  • Crosstab Query
  • Find Duplicates Query
  • Find Unmatched Query
  • Top Values Query

Crosstab Query

Crosstab queries use aggregate functions to perform arithmetic operations on selected records.

Aggregate Functions:

  • Avg = Average of the field values
  • Count = Number of the nonnull field values
  • First = First field value
  • Last = Last field value
  • Max = Highest field value
  • Min = Lowest field value
  • StDev = Standard deviation of field values
  • Sum = Total of the field values
  • Var = Varience of the field values

Anna Stirling

Associate Faculty

Computer Information Systems

Mt. San Jacinto College


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