Payton Skky Series: Staying Pure

Written By: Stephanie Perry Moore

Main Character & About her

Payton Skky is a high school senior who is beautiful, popular, is very smart in her school work, and her boyfriend is Dakari Graham a handsome football player.

The Problem

The problem in their relationship is Dakari wants to have sex with her, but Payton has made a promise that she would save herself for marriage..but will Dakari cannot take it anymore being pure..

The Other Girl

There is a new girl in town named Starr and she is more willing to do what Dakari wants, and Dakari ends it with Payton for Starr, and Payton was very upset for many days, and along comes another boy named Tad Taylor...will Dakari and Starr last?? Will Payton and Tad hit it off and become something?? If you are curious you must read the book