done vs finish


done- rushing to complete something

baseball- Baseball is a good sport. You have to hit the ball so the other team would not get the runner out. There are 9 innings in baseball. Some times the little league has 7. Baseball is fun. There is a pitcher who throws the ball. And the catcher is who cath the ball.


finished- thoroughly completing something.

baseball- Base ball is an amazing sport. It is very complicated to learn but once you learn it, then it will be the best thing that ever happened o you. The object of the sport for the offense is to hit the ball so that the lead runner can score. The object for the defense is to catch the ball so that the runners will not score. In the Major Leagues, there are 9 innings. In my division there are only 7. But i cannot wait to make it to the Majors. I am the next Alexis Ramirez.