Rome Vs. USA


Fall of Rome

The most obvious cause of Rome's fall is the invasions. These attacks were a successful party because Roman legions of the late Empire lacked of discipline and training from the earlier Roman armies. Rome had to hire mercenaries, or foreign soldiers serving for pay. Many Germanic warriors and historians felt the loyalty to Rome.


The Fall of The United States

Today in the United States military is very expensive to have. They have troop based all over the world. They have been fighting in Afghanistan for years and it is still going on. We have lots a lot of troop members do to all the fights everywhere. They build ships and spend so much money on them, when they could be giving the troops a raise for risking there lives for us. I don't think its right for the troops to not get paid more. They are trying to save our country, while protecting their own lives. Troops have to be away from their family and friends for a long time. Some troop members don't even make it home because they die for us to try to save us.

U.S.A army

That picture is the U.S army logo. That logo means lots to different people. Some people think of war when they see it and others think these are the people who are trying to save our country.