PreK News

September 16-20


It is called "Beginning the Year." This week we learned about who works in our school. We had special visits from two friends. Nurse Lu told us how she helps keep us healthy and safe. She told the kids she is there to take care of them if they don't feel well or get hurt at school. She also talked about hand washing and spreading germs. Mr. Lloyd talked about how he works hard in the building. He keeps the floors and rooms clean, keeps germs under control, and fixes lots of things for the teachers. It is great for the kids to know that it takes many people to make our school a fun and safe place to be.


The Gingerbread Man: This was the classic tale of The Gingerbread Man running away from the little old man and the little old woman! The kids loved it.

Neighborhood Song: This was about all the ways we do things in society today.


Geoboards: We used rubberbands to make shapes on plastic peg boards. The kids loved these. We all put them out in our classroom for daily exploration.

Alphabet Cards: The kids used their fingers and objects to trace the letters of their name and all letters in the alphabet.

Taste Test Graph: We tried gingerbread cookies (Okay, well, ginger snaps. We couldn't fine gingerbread cookies in September!). We made a graph of kids that liked it and kids that did not.

Cooking Time: Thank you to all of our volunteers that came in to cook on Friday! We appreciate your time!


One of our songs this week was "Oh, Dear! What Can The Matter Be?"

Oh dear! What can the matter be?

Oh dear! What can the matter be?

Oh dear! What can the matter be?

Everyone thinks they are....

And we filled in the blank with an animal (cat, dog, snake, bird) or a feeling (happy, sad, angry, scared)

Try it at home!!!



MONDAY: pajama day

TUESDAY: 80's or crazy hair day

WEDNESDAY: western day

THURSDAY: nerd or twin day

FRIDAY: LeRoy spirit day (wear maroon and gold)