An Intern's Update

Aaron Jones - Rejoice Ministries International

Dear Friends and Family,

Wow! I am so overwhelmed by the continued support! God has blessed my life so much in the last couple of months. I am so lucky to have two of the most incredible roommates I could ask for. I also have a job as a painter, which I love!

It has been such an honor to be able to walk along side such incredible men and learn what it looks like to live a life that glorifies Jesus! One of my roommates, Timothy, is an associate of the ministry (RejoiceMinistries International) and an incredible worship leader! I have the privilege to play guitar and learn from him on a daily basis. In doing so, I have been given many opportunities to lead worship along side him at men’s retreats, as well as on Sunday mornings!

I have also had an amazing opportunity to be a part of a ministry called BROLIFE. Brolife is incredible! It is a gathering of young men anywhere from age 13-18. We meet on Wednesdays and spend two hours together playing games and sports, then we study the Bible. It goes so much deeper than just meeting on Wednesdays! I have been given an opportunity to walk out life with these outstanding young men! It puts me in a position to talk to them about real issues that every man will struggle with in his life. We just want to chase after God with our whole hearts and bring these young men with us. They have blessed my life.

Sadly, my China trip did not work out, but that’s ok! I have begun to learn that everything works out for God’s plan! I do have an upcoming trip to Guatemala in early January that my dad will be on as well. I ask for your continued support. First and foremost through prayer and if you feel led, through financial support. Thank you for your continued prayers! I love you all! :)


Tax deductible checks can be made out to RMI. Please designate them to me, Aaron Jones.

Please send to:


4400 Pierce Dr.

Norfolk, NE 68701