K-C News

May 26, 2016

What you really need to know

It is so close to being summer, I have changed the backdrop of your newsletter in a show of hopeful optimism.

If your child has dietary restrictions, I am requesting email responses for the following two events:

  1. Kindergartners will enjoy popsicles on Wednesday, June 15. This is our only nurse-approved, annual food event! Popsicles will be dairy free. Mostly just sugar and water and a stick. Please let me know if you DO NOT give permission for your child to have a popsicle.
  2. Cafeteria orientation will take place on Wednesday, June 8. Students will practice using PIN codes to charge a food "purchase." They will walk through the pretend lunch line and have choices of fruit, graham crackers and/or milk. Please contact me to advise me if your child is restricted from eating any of these items.

Talent show rehearsals are underway. If your child is preparing an individual or group act, please make sure they are ready to perform by Tuesday, 5/31, one week before the show. If they are performing to music, please send in a CD with their song by Tuesday, 5/31.

Our ABC countdown has been loads of fun so far. Next week you can prepare for: Outside day on Tuesday (sunglasses optional) and Pajama day on Thursday. No at-home prep necessary for Friday.

Mark your calendar.

NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day:

Monday, May 30

No Morning Kindergarten:

Wednesday, June 1 (conferences)

Kindergarten Pajama day:

Thursday June 2

Kindergarten Talent Show: Please have all individual or small group acts prepared and send in musical accompaniment on a CD by Tuesday, 5/31:

Tuesday, June 7 at 4:00

Kindergarten Portfolio Day and Slide Show: View your child's collection of schoolwork in room 188. Siblings welcome:

Wednesday, June 15 at 8:45-9:10.

Last day of School:

Friday, June 17 (Early Release at 12:15, K-5)

What we've been up to.

  • Preparing our portfolios for you!
  • Preparing a slide show for you!
  • Practicing our end of year songs for you!
  • Enjoying our ABC activities such as bubble blowing, crazy hairdos, exercise day (Just Dance was a big hit with your kids), an interesting ice experiment, and a kooky joke extravaganza.
  • Writing friendly letters to our teachers, old and new.
  • Making thank you notes for people who have helped us learn all year long
  • Watching our grass seed grow. It really doesn't take as long as they say. Note to self not to use that expression anymore.

The things kids say. For real.

Mrs. Cohen: You'll have to share glue sticks at your table. We don't have enough left for each of you to have your own.

Student 1: What happens when we run out of glue sticks?

Student 2: We can use tape!

Mrs. Cohen: Or staples.

Student 3: Or yogurt.