LLC Preschool Newsletter

A Wonderful Beginning

Dear Families

I have learned quickly in my career to never underestimate a child. Young children are so eager to learn, please, and can quickly adapt to anything we teach them, as long as they have role models that are positive and consistent.

I am extremely proud of how the first week has gone. Minimal tears at arrival. Minor detours in the day. Lots of fun in the classroom. Happy goodbyes at dismissal. These are all great signs of a wonderful beginning, and promising indicators of an amazing year. Thank you for your support in a great reopening and we look forward to sharing more good news with you!

Principal Deanne Guastello

Successes of the First Week

The first week has been wonderful. We have many successes to share as well as minor things we are focused on refining.

  • Arrival and Dismissal have been smooth. Our new traffic pattern has been positive.
  • Students are adapting to the school schedule well and following good health practices like hand-washing.
  • Our teachers have made personal connections with families for all students who are in-person or remote. Our meet and greets also went well!
  • Our digital curriculum has been introduced to families. Teachers are uploading videos already and prepared to begin live google meets next week.
  • We will have two people helping with sign out at dismissal to help move the process along.

A Committed Community

A big thank you to all of our families for doing all the prework that you have done to help your child with wearing a mask and keeping it on. It is impressive how wonderful these young students have adapted to this protocol. They have been diligent with wearing the mask and keeping it on! We thank you for being committed to the CDC mandates and the district guidance. The lower the transmission rates in Morris County then the longer we will be able to stay open. Keep up the good work!

As a reminder, The CDC recommends cloth face coverings, but disposable masks are also acceptable, as long as the mouth and nose are properly covered. Please do not use masks with exhalation valves. Plastic face shields are not permitted as a substitute, except for students who are exempt from wearing masks due to a documented medical condition or disability. Bandanas, snowboarding gaiters, or other coverings without straps or ear loops will not be accepted.


The digital component of our curriculum is up and running. Parents have been invited to this platform and teachers have begun using the tool to share lesson plans and video links to pre-recorded lessons. Although Chromebooks are limited in the preschool program, they are not required in order to communicate with your classroom teacher. Please know that you can access the digital component of the curriculum and Google Meets with a smartphone, a desktop, or an iPad.

If you are in need of a device, please submit your request to with your name, child's name, school, and classroom teacher. Please note that devices will only be set up for access to Google Meet. Online games will not be accessible through our devices as this is not a part of our curriculum.

Health Records

It is vital that you submit the required health documents needed to complete your preschool registration. The 2020 immunization schedule for children can be viewed here. Please submit the needed documentation to our school nurse: Sharon McDonald

Home School Association

Thank you to the HSA for providing treats for our teacher's on opening day. They all really enjoyed the surprise! The HSA also provided lanyards to each student!

LLC Preschool’s Home & School Association (HSA) is open to parents of all children in the school! We invite new and returning families to participate in the HSA and join us in this important organization. It’s a great way to get involved with the school and your child’s educational experience. Please see the link for more information. Our first virtual meeting is on September 15th at 7:00 pm.

Meal Application

At this time, all families will be receiving meals free of charge through December 31, 2020. However, we will still need applications completed by families interested in receiving free or reduced lunch. Teachers have been distributing food applications for families that would like to apply for free or reduced breakfast and lunch. Here is the link to the application as well:

Message of Gratitude Banner

Have you seen our Message of Gratitude Banner on our wall outside door #4? The Morris Educational Foundation (MEF) worked with our students, their families, and the district to create the banner using the kind words shared with them to describe our specific school and staff. Seeing these kind words of appreciation every day is inspiring to all of us! Thank you, MEF, and our community!
Big picture

Gratitude to Girl Scout Troop 96616

A big thanks to Girl Scout Troop 96616 for the awesome kits they created for our preschool students (see images below). The troops made these adorable home kits which included a dry erase pocket sheet, dry erase markers, colored pencils, and play dough. These troops worked hard packaging nearly 120 kits. They were delivered last week for teachers to begin sending home to students. Thanks!!