KB Dose of Design

Volume 1


Hello Lovely Ladies,

I have GRAND intention to send you one of these each week. If that's too much let me know. I'm open to biweekly or monthly as well. I just want to get away from FB messages and reach the masses.

Personal Generation Shout Outs


I just wanted to celebrate this small group of KB's again. If you are getting this email it is because I am the nearest Star Designer in your upline.

Power Sellers: Annette, Misty, Meghan

1st Time Promotions: Meghan G-Senior Designer, Shannon H.-Associate Designer

Welcome: Shelley, Brooke, Darbi, Debra, Rebecca, Ashley, Mandi, Julianna


If you ladies have questions you can message me, email me, call, or text. I do have a system for responding and wanted to share. I will respond to FB messages on Wed and Sunday. I will respond to emails on Thursday and Saturday. You can call or text anytime, and I will respond when I can. Note that I live in Alaska, so my time zone may be significantly different than yours. Use the HUB, our KEEPing Beauties FB page, and the main KEEP FB pages as your go to resources. If you can't find support here go to your mentor. If you still need help PLEASE let me know! I am here to help you be as successful as you want to be!