What's In It For You?

New Programs, Cash Bonuses & More!

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Your Origami Owl Journey....

Whether you joined for the extra income, the free and discounted jewelry or just for something fun- there was a reason you decided to become part of the Origami Owl family! You may still be actively building and growing your business or you may have taken a break, but either way I wanted to reach out to you today to see how you have been, what plans you have for the future & let you know how Origami Owl is stepping it up by offering some new programs for current & deactivated designers (even a rebate on a kit if you re-join!)

You can read more about each of those programs below, but please know I am reaching out to you to ensure you are able to take advantage of any that apply to you - we don't want you to miss out on those cash bonuses! And I want to ensure that you are supported in your business. Understandably, some mentors and leaders may have other obligations & might not be as active in their business as they once were. For that reason, I encourage you to reach to your next upline leader or myself if you need support in getting your business growing again! Our team has a wonderful Facebook page for active designers, a team training website, conference calls and meetings and as part of the TLL family, you are able to access all of those resources. The Team Lovely Lockets leaders are here to help you, step by step, create the life you want by growing and building your business. Plus, with all the amazing new jewelry, a customer special, and many more exciting things to come, it's the perfect time to jump back in!

If you have any questions or concerns - please know I am here for your support & I'm happy to help!




What Am I Eligible For?

There are so many ways to earn cash with these programs. It's best to reach out to your mentor or upline to see what programs you can take advantage of.

Here are some easy ways to tell if you can take advantage -

Did you have less than $99 PV in Feb AND March?

Will you be achieving a higher Paid At Title than you achieved in March?

Do you have new team members who joined after March 1?

Were you previously a designer?

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Plus - the Nest is currently offering 4 additional designer kits, available to EVERYONE with a great value! These are awesome to build your display, take to events or vendor shows, or just sell at retail to make even more commission! They have a PV attached to them too, so they count toward all programs!

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