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Pay it forword

Pay it Forward
Xavier Drummond

What do you think the world be like if everyone was mean and nasty will i think we can change that and PAY IT FORWARD.i think we should be good and do good deeds for other people and it doesn't matter who it is it can be anyone all you have to do to be a good person is just be nice be caring and say thank you.And do try doing things people didn't ask to do.And just be nice like me but don't take my life use your own life and be the way you are.

Like don't be me but be kind to everyone and then they will be kind to another person and then it will keep on going. So what one is it do you what to live it this bad world where everyone is mean and never says pease or thank you.Or do you what to live in a world where people are nice and do kind deeds and a buntch f other stuff.So hows with me to make this world a better world.I think we should all make it a better world so lets do it..and like i said it not matter who it is it could be a person tthat you don't know so PAY IT FRWORD and be the best you can be so if you can be the best you can be. So

if i was you i would take my addvice because it might change your life so plz be the best you can be and try to pass on the kindness and like i said try to be very good.Also here are some things that i did just to be nice to people for the fun of it.First to start i seen a kid that was tryin to get some thing from a pop thing so i went up to him and gave him 1 doller so he could get some thing.I went to my house and cleaned my whole house for my mom just so then she would happy then she whent to the store and bought me air heads then i gave them to my brother and siter and they passed it

on and helped watch my baby sister.But my sister did not do anything because she it not that old.See now you see what i did i was doing stuff for no case.So if you would make someone happy that would make me happy to see people bein happy and passing it on.Thank you for reading bye. :D

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