The Greek Gazzet

By: Mallory S

Pericles strengthened the government.

There is a question that many people do not know the answer thus question is "How did Pericles strengthen democracy?". I have been doing some studying in my social studies class and found out that Pericles strengthened the government by introducing reform witch is new laws and new things in life.

The 12 Olympians

The 12 Olympians

There are 12 gods and goddesses the Greeks worshiped.

1. Zeus
King of the Gods

2. Hera
Queen of the Gods

3. Poseidon
The Sea

4. Hades
The Underworld

5. Hestia

6 Athena

7. Artemis

8. Apollo

9. Aphrodite

10. Hephaestus

11. Ares

12. Hermes
Messenger/Divine Herald

The Search or Knowlage

Those Greeks and there Arts!

The Parthenon

Pericles greatest accomplishment was the construction of the Greek temple Parthenon. They built the Parthenon to honor the goddess Athena.. it diapered long ago but there is still ruble and pieces of the temple were it was in history.

1. How did Greek use the visual and dramatic arts in thier lives.

The Greeks started plays and drama. They did plays and dramas to tell stories and history from long ago. The Greeks used the visual and dramatic arts for entertainment, to praise the gods, architecture and sculptures. Some of the most famous plays were tragedy's, a serious story that usually ends in disaster for the main character. They also did comedies which are well known today. The Greeks started many things that are well known today so there are how the Greeks uses visual and dramatic arts in their life's.

My most favorite things about Greece!

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