The Calculator

By: Sirrandon Brown

Who invented the Calculator?

*The calculator was invented by William Seward Burroughs.

*It helps you add, subtract, multiply and divide.

* He created it to make life easier for those who like math.

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When was the Calculator created?

1642<---------------------------> 2016

The calculator was invented in 1642.

How Does it work?

*It works by you typing in something into the calculator and it adds it all up.

*Also it can help you with fractions and multiplying.

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How did the invention improve society and what would life be without it?

*It improved society by helping other do math at school or at work

*Without it people wouldn't be able to get there school work done or some couldn't get there job done

How has it impacted me today and is it still around?

*It has impacted me by helping me improve in math

*The calculator is still around mostly people use there phones