By Austin Skipper

What is Coal?

Coal is a Non-renewble subsence that takes million of years to grow. Coal is found deep under ground so you must go mining for it. There are 2 ways you can mine for coal they are surface mining and deep underground mining. Surface mining is when the coal is about 100 ft underground. 70 % of coal is mined in surface mining. Deep undeground mining is mined at 150 ft or more. 92.1 % of all coal goes to electricity. After they mine for the coal they send it off to a factory to get it cleaned and refined.
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Products made by coal

products that are made by coal are electricity. 1/2 of the nations electricity comes from coal in the United States. Also tar, insalation, TNT abd fuel are made or have some coal in the product. Everyone uses coal everyday.
What is coal ash and how can it be used?

Who uses coal in the U.S.A?

Communitys and individuals because coal make electricity and people need electricity . Coal also in in tar , gas , fuel and insalation so people can use that too. Coal is very expensive to buy and mine so the people who buy it must have money.

Is coal expensive?

Coals price depends on its shape, kind, and the region. Because the economy is bad the price is only rising but it is the most useful source of energy. The prices in 2011 and 2012 for coal per ton was $80.14.
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