Egyptian Herald

By Maxwell Gorn Lucas Soria Ben Gubbay and Danial Queen

Farming Update

Black Egypt has been thriving this year. Because the Nile flooded so accordingly, the farmers have harvested 10,000 bushels of wheat, 5,000 bushels of barley, 6,000 bushels of corn, and 3,000 bushels of onions. There is so much more! Pharaoh Ramses II will be so proud. Keep up the hard work!

Help wanted in the gold mines (ad)

Help wanted. Willing to pay 40 rings of a deben a day. This work will mainly consist of using a pickaxe to hammer at rocks underground. Please see Merypath Seti for more details. Please note you shall work at your own risk any collapses in the mines most likely will result in death. In a case of injury Egypt Mining Corp. is not responsible for any loss, or injury. WARNING mining is dangerous work.

Gold and Silver Exchange Rate

1 kit of gold

2 kit of silver : 1 to 2

Until the 20th Dynasty [8]

1 kit of silver

10 deben of copper : 1 to 100

Until the 20th Dynasty

1 kit of gold

200 kit of copper : 1 to 200

Throughout the New Kingdom [10]

1 kit of silver

6 deben

of copper : 1 to 60

Late 20th Dynasty [8]

1 kit of silver

33 deben of copper : 1 to 330

Ptolemaic Period

1 deben of silver

609 ½ deben of copper : 1 to 609 ½

2nd quarter of the 2nd century BCE [26]

Historic Temple Findings

Ancient Egyptian architects have found art and a temple of Hatshepsut who was suppose to be erased from history by King Thutmose III scribes. In other news they have discovered who is on the bottom of Ramses Temple. The People on the way bottom of Ramses temple are captured enemy's

Ramses II obelisk

What is our Pharaoh up to? Ramses the Great plans to build an obelisk. It will be made of yellow granite and will stand 82 feet tall. Also, the obelisk plans to weigh over 500,000 pounds and say how great our Pharaoh is. It depicts him making offerings to our god, Amun Re. This is a great project for years to come. Egypt shall remain superior!

Ramses Orders Archetacts to do the Impossible

Ramses orders architect to do the impossible.

Ramses II is one of the greatest Pharaohs to live. He has about, 100 to 200 children. Ramses outlived twelve of his children. Before Ramses died, he instructed an architect to build a monument that had the sun shine on his face and the King of gods ,Amun, and the sun god, Rah on 2 days of the year. Those 2 days were his coronation day and his birthday. Abu Simbel is one of the greatest temples in all of Egypt.

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Scribes had it hard if they messed up or had to erase something. They would have to chizzel the paintings away.