English 2 Honors Update

Ms. Hooper

What We've Been Doing...

Since your last update, your Honors English 2 student has completed the WWII Unit. While reading Night, by Eli Wiesel, students completed various activities in class while reading one of the most well-known memoirs ever written by a Holocaust survivor. The Holocaust Museum was one of the most prominent activities that we completed in class during this unit, which asked students to become familiar with other Holocaust Survivors' stories, research the scientific experiments that took place at the concentration and work camps, and explore art inspired by and representative of the Holocaust.

What's Going on Right Now...

Africa Unit

After completing the WWII Unit, we started the Africa Unit, which is focused around the novel, A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah. This is the story of a former child soldier and the horrors that he experienced during the Sierra Leon Civil War, while also documenting his recovery and rehabilitation. During this unit we are also completing a research project in which students will co-write a research paper about an issue in Africa. After completing the paper, which is due on Wednesday, March 23rd, students will work with the same partner and create a video/presentation in order to educate the audience about the focus of the research paper.

Upcoming due dates for the remainder of this unit are...

A Long Way Gone Chapters 19-21 Charts due Monday, March 21st by 7:30am in Learn

• Research Paper Rough Draft due Tuesday, March 20th by the beginning of class

A Long Way Gone Final Test - Wednesday , March 21st during class - students should study past quizzes

• Research Paper Final Draft due Wednesday, March 21st at the beginning of class

• Presentation/Video - Wednesday, April 6th during class