Using technology to...

...engage, enhance and extend


engage in the lesson, provide relevance

  1. starters
    use visuals as lesson prompts
    quizzes, online find-a-words as a starting activity
  2. relevance
    photos - people, places, things, everday
  3. interest
    images and videos that can start a discussion
  4. fun
    humorous videos or just different

Unbelievable Highway Accident... enTire luck!


improve a lesson, deliver in a better way

  1. develop skills
    games - try Super Teacher Tools
  2. better explanations and investigations


take a task further
Car Racing
Kent "Toast" French, The World's Fastest Clapper


develop an interest in discovery and learning

Where to find stuff?

For photos that engage, enrich, extend... try

Vimeo often has some creative videos.

Brady Haran is has series of educational videos (good ones) for science and maths.

The ABC has a fantastic site called Splash with lots of resources.

Sesame Street... seriously.

TED-Ed are publishing lessons, short video snippets, for all sorts of subjects.