The Hurried Child Syndrome

Nathan Schmitz


What is the Hurried Child Syndrome? It is the belief that children are being pushed to hard to grow up to fast. It seems that in today's society we demand that children be striped of their childhood right down to their imagination and natural curiosity. Pressure comes from everywhere but mostly parents overbearing their children with high expectations in school and in sports and expecting them to act like little grown ups. Along with being so busy with all their work that they never see the child. This is awful to a young child's mind because contrary to the belief that children a more like us in thought than in feeling it is just that, so when you are not with your child they feel that you do not like them and wish to ignore them. The Hurried Child happens in all classes low, middle, and high class, but each has its differences high class parents push their kids to excel which cause kids to blame the parents the same can be said for most of the middle class. Usually though in lower class families work to survive and this requires kids to work as well which ends up having a stronger bond between families because the kids understand that it is not that parents choosing or fault. The main thing is to have more healthy adults you need them to be able to experience being a kid

The Effect of Social Media

If you look around now-a-days you will see that almost every kid from about 1st grade on up has a phone and usually a smart phone now which makes the social media just a few swipes away. They are subject to foul language, vulgar actions including consumption of alcohol, use of drugs, and perform of different sex acts and most of these can be heard in the songs they listen to from the not so role model types that glorify this kind of behavior to small children it is quite sickening that people likee Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and many others can sing and make music videos about the things they do. Movies and tv are no better anymore for small children who cant comprehend the things they are seeing and it is the parents who allow them to watch. Kids can also go on Facebook, Twitter, or any of these sights and see the pictures and statuses that people leave. All these thing also contribute to the Hurried Child Syndrome and the deterioration of our Nations youth.