Peek at the Week in Project Extra

Cami Webb

What a Week!!!

This week 6th and 7th grade learned what it was like to climb Mt Everest and the impact that elevation has on a human body. We will continue next week with doing an experiment on materials and how choosing the right material and clothing can help in your survival on Everest as well as how to build a carrier to get someone down off of the mountain.

The elementary kiddos found out whether their character survived the Titanic disaster and starting to form their arguments as to who or what they want to blame for this tragedy. This will lead up to a court trial where they will state their claim and argue against others.

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, we have been looking at the how's and why's of hurricanes but the kids are also designing the tallest towers that can survive wind(fan) and rain(spray bottle) while holding a tennis ball. The students are provided with a limited amount of supplies and will be provided a small budget to purchase additional supplies next week. We talked about how businesses have to provide bids, stick to a budget and a timeframe, and provide a successful structure without going over budget or wasting supplies. We will test out structures next week!

Next Week's Schedule

Monday - 8th grade - Surviving Mt Everest!! Finally!!!!

Tuesday - Mt Everest - building a Mountain Rescue Litter and designing weather appropriate clothing.

Wednesday/Thursday - Continue with Hurricane towers and Titanic Who to Blame court trial.

I will also be introducing the Stock Market Game to the middle school students. Jennifer Brady said she would come in and help me!! Students will receive $100,000 to invest and create their portfolio!! If anyone has any experience in buying and trading stocks we would love your input or help!!

Elementary students will continue to be doing technology classes each week with Mr. Howard. They are learning how to create composite pictures and then will animate them!!!

Affective Studies

This week we looked at self-efficacy and I had all of the students take a pre-test on where they felt they were in regards to self-efficacy and being in control of their success. We created I Am pages in our notebook and talked about whether we gave up when tasks became hard or frustrating. We will be working on ways to build our confidence and lower our anxiety so that we always get across the bridge!!!
Big picture

Passion Projects

I am so excited to get these started!!! The goal of the passion project is to find something that kids are very passionate about, research and learn more, and then create an outcome. This could be that the students learn something that will directly impact them like learning a language, learning how to cook, or a career option. Or, it can be something that impacts our community. Working with our homeless shelters and creating something that would directly benefit them or seeing a need in the community and creating something to fill that need. One of the examples we watched was a young athlete who's little sister had a disability and couldn't participate in sports but wanted to. So the young lady organized a team and they played other teams around the area. It doesn't have to be big but I want the kids to know the possibilities are limitless!!!

My goal is to find mentors in the community that would be willing to work with our students and give them some guidance, help if needed and answer any questions if possible.

I am fortunate that I have many friends that have some pretty incredible kids of their own who have created passion projects that they will be sharing over the next few weeks. One of those individuals is Jack Andraka. I reached out to Jack via social media and he immediately got back in touch. He will be Skyping with the kids in a couple weeks after he returns from working with UNICEF in Sierra Leon!!!

SKYPING with Producers of the show Naked and Afraid on Wednesday!!!

Thanks to a dear friend of mine, I have had the opportunity to speak to the Executive Producer of the show Naked and Afraid and he has put me in contact with the production crew and producers for the show. They are the ones that actually go on the site visits, scout out locations, and follow the contestants into the wild for filming. They will be skyping with the students on Wednesday at 2:00 in our classroom. I will be pulling all students at this time to come and participate. They are going to talk about their cultural experiences, survival skills, and some of the more challenging things that have happened to them. They are also very motivating and positive and will talk about what a huge role perseverance, using your knowledge, and working as a team has on an outcome of a situation. They are also going to talk about the ins and outs of producing a show, filming, and editing, etc...

I realize that 3rd and 4th grade will not be with me that day. I am going to talk to Mrs. Warren to see if she would be willing to air it in her classroom if we do Facebook live so that the kids can ask questions and watch. For middle schoolers, I will call you down to my class that day when it is time.

If for any reason you do not want your child to participate, that is fine, just send me an email and let me know.