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Effective Monday 3/16/20, In class Instruction has been Suspended

Attention Ruby Community,

The Board of Education unanimously voted to suspend in-class instruction in AUSD schools from March 16 through April 3.

School Meals

On Monday and Tuesday (March 16 and 17) all schools will be providing food service for all youth under the age of 18. Students do not need to be enrolled in AUSD schools to receive meals, and they do not need to present ID. Breakfast will be served at 9 am, and lunch will be served at 12 pm. All meals will be Grab and Go meals and can be picked up from campus.

Starting Wednesday, March 18, Grab and Go meals will be available at Ruby Bridges Elementary School, Encinal High School, Wood Middle School, Alameda Point Collaborative, and the Academy of Alameda at 12:00 pm daily until Spring Break.

Thank you for your understanding, flexibility, and support.

Instruction and learning:

Teachers are currently working on lessons and assignments that can be accessed remotely or through email. Details and information surrounding instruction will be shared soon.

School events and assemblies:

Per directive from District Office, school events/assemblies have been cancelled until further notice.

  • Heritage Night
  • Open House
  • PTA Meetings
  • Science Camp
  • Talent Show
  • Volunteer tea
  • All field trips

Report cards:

Report cards are available by logging into your Aeries account.

Further details will be shared as information rolls out from the District Office.

The 2020 Golden Sneaker Contest Winners

The Golden Sneaker Contest winners are:

First place: Mr.LaBarre's 3rd Grade

Second Place: Ms. Ingles 2nd grade and Ms. Watty's 5th grade

Third Place: Ms. Macy's 1st grade

Thank you to all Stars for participating in the Golden Sneaker Contest. Please continue to love our earth, love your health, and keep rolling and walking to school.

Winning class will be celebrated with a celebration of sorts. TBD as we are on a modified school schedule.

Life Skill Focus for March: Self Reflection

Self- Reflection: the activity of thinking about your own feelings and behavior, and the reasons that may lie behind them

"Developing a routine of self-reflection is beneficial for adults and children alike. Making time for self-reflection and self-awareness activities for children at home and in the classroom helps kids to gain a better understanding of both the world around them and especially themselves.

Our five top ways to encourage children to self-reflect are these:

1. Be a good example as an adult. Do you project the image of the adult in their lives who is always busy, always having to do, rather than be? Are you the person who sits and reflects without any agenda? If you are then bravo! If you aren’t, then think about making time in your own life for self-reflection and tell your children that are you are having quiet reflection time.

2. Help them find the time in their own lives. Don’t schedule every second of their lives or be perturbed that they may be bored if they have free time – it is every child’s right to be bored and to fill it with time just to reflect and to be!

3 Make a Family Time for self-reflection – it can be part of a sit and do nothing time or it can come with a simple question – maybe thinking about how you feel now or how you felt during your day? Start small, like 2 minutes and build it up from there.

4 Make journal writing a part of their routine. Very young children can use non-written ways to write a journal, drawing about their feelings or dictating to a parent can be used if they are too young to write themselves. You don’t have to solve the problem, you can be merely the one who gives comfort and validation to a feeling. It can of course be about positive feelings, not just difficult ones. It may be a time when they can accept a situation or decide they can do something about it. What is important is they know its ok to self-reflect and ponder life. They will love the independent and powerful feeling it gives them!

5 Encourage gratitude Ask the question often, ‘What are you grateful for?” You can start by sharing what you are grateful for so they get the ideas. This notion of gratitude can often put in perspective those difficult situations as being perhaps not as huge as they may have thought when weighed against the positive things in their lives."

Toolbox: Courage Tool

CAASPP scores- State Testing Results

Parent/Caregiver information on CAASP Scores:

Parents and caregivers are likely receiving communications from Educational Testing Service to deliver videos explaining students CAASPP reports. Parents have reached out wondering what these are and if they are spam. They are not spam. They are helpful in understanding the reports. Please be sure to let your families know that these are helpful videos that can help them to better understand their children’s CAASP scores.

CAASPP Samples: