Adversity and Perseverence

Andrew Gialamas

Jackie Robinson

I'm a writing about how jackie made a difference in society.The main idea is Jackie Robinson joining baseball. US athletes would not be the same without Jackie Robinson.Jackie robinson joining Branch Rickey in the noble experiment was to see if white people would accept african american people in society and baseball.People would call him nasty names and throw stuff at him when he would take the field because he was the only black person in baseball . When Jackie Robinson spoke out he inspired people to be noble. It would help integration and equal rights for african american.Overall Jackie Robinson made a huge difference in society by changing the racial barriers.

Winston Churchil

Winston Churchill is a legendary and inspiring historical figure. He was born in England in 1874. During Winston’s childhood, his parents were never there and he was raised by his nanny. Throughout his life he showed that he was tenacious, a statesman and a forthright war leader. For example, in 1911 he was made First Lord of the Admiralty which meant he was in charge of the British navy. Churchill graduated near the top of his class and given a commission as a cavalry officer. Winston Churchill’s greatest accomplishment came during World War II when he helped Great Britain defeat Nazi Germany. During this time, despite Churchill’s extreme dislike for the Soviet Union, he knew he had to ask the United States and the Soviet Union to help him defeat Nazi Germany. Winston Churchill once said, “ nothing great or small, large or petty, - never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense.” This showed that Churchill believed in the power of perseverance. Winston Churchill was a great man and gave hope to Europe that they would win the war.

Loosing to Win

The Lady Jaguars at Carroll Academy had to persevere through the adversities at home and on the basketball court. Teens who could not attend regular school were forced to go to Carroll Academy and but had the choice to play on the Lady Jags basketball team. The problem was that they kept losing their games. Not only did they lose, they were crushed by more than 45 points each time. The team was on a 218 game losing streak. The students on the team came from homes where the parents abused drugs or alcohol or they didn’t have parents at all. The basketball team showed them life lessons and to be responsible. The team was also their family so even though they could have quit the basketball team, they stuck with it and break through the obstacles .They knew that they were not alone and learned to talk to each other through their problems.Consequently, the tenacious Lady Jags overcame their obstacles to have a better life than before they came.

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