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Term 3, 2014

Science & Technology: Getting the balance right in the classroom.

Tanya Colli and Yvonne Hughes provide insight into how K-6 teachers can create dynamic and effective SciTech programs to inspire budding scientists. Check out their article in the latest SCAN Magazine on pages 39-41.

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Science and Technology 2015

The implementation of the new Science & Technology Syllabus provides an opportunity to reinvigorate the teaching of science and technology in the Primary classroom.

Science and technology are taught together as one subject in NSW because the science investigation informs the technological design, or the design informs the necessary investigation to be taken. This is what happens in the real world where understanding is produced through investigation and problem solving. This short video link to design and thinking shows how this might look in the real world.

The Syllabus states that the processes of working scientifically (WS) and working technologically (WT)are at the centre of teaching and learning.

Science Scope & Sequence

In our shared staff drive, open the Science folder to locate a scope and sequence document (thanks for your input Michelle!) There are a variety of resources in this drive, including PDF texts (Primary Connections) for each Stage as well as content mapping grids and assessment suggestions. These are also available from Scootle (accessible through the DEC staff portal using your ID and password).

Check it out!