Seven days Battle

Six battles, Seven days...


The Generals in these battles were;

North: General George B. McClellan

South: General Robert E. lee

The Battles

The first battle was Battle of Beaver Dam Creek. This battle took place on June 26, 1862.

The second battle was Battle of Gaines mill. This battle took place on June 27, 1862.

The third battle was Battle of Savage Station. This battle took place on June 29, 1862.

The fourth battle was Battle of White Oak Swamp. This battle took place on June 30, 1862.

The fifth battle was Battle of Glendale. This battle took place in June 30, 1862 also.

The sixth and final battle was Battle of Malvern Hill. This battle took place on July 1, 1862.

Top Generals

All of these battles happened near the Confederate capital in Virginia.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did it happen? The battle took place between June 25 and July 1, 1862.

What happened? General Robert E. Lee attacked the Union in the 6 battle spots earlier mentioned in the flyer.

Who Won?

The Confederates or (Southerners) won the Seven Days Battle.